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Beck 3O.

Bleich 4H. Brumsack 3H. Freund 3C. Geimecke 5K.

Jahres lohnsteuertabelle 2009 pdf

Lettmann 3G. Millat 6J.

Staneva 5A. Vanselow 3H. Westphal 7J.

Schäffer Jahres-Lohnsteuertabelle , m. CD-ROM :

Wolff 3A. Wurpts 7I.

We used small-scale species distribution models to predict the past and present spatial distribution of 7 characteristic macrofauna species in response to climatic and environmental changes that have been recorded for the Jade Bay German Wadden Sea over the last 4 decades s to The present spatial distribution representing was modelled based on statistical relationships between species presences, true species absences and 7 high-resolution 5 m environmental grids.

  ACA640 100GM PDF

The past spatial distribution representing the s was then hindcast in response to climate change-induced 1 sea-level rise, 2 water temperature increase and 3 seagrass recovery due to de-eutrophication. The past distribution scenario was evaluated using independent historical macrofauna data from the s.

Present ensemble prediction maps accurately captured the potential ecological niches of the modelled species throughout Jade Bay i.

The predicted present macrofauna distribution correlated most significantly with hydrodynamic conditions submergence time, shear stress and sediment characteristics mud content.

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The past distribution scenario revealed significant lohnstruertabelle in small-scale spatial distribution patterns of the characteristic modelled lohnsteuertahelle s to and showed a very good match with historical macrofauna data. Climate change-induced sea-level rise and its local implications for Jade Bay changes in topography, tidal range and submergence timeand water temperature increase explained the potential macrofauna distribution shifts over the last 4 decades.

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