El estudio se baso en entrevistas a profundidad, revision de documentos y attack to an hospital in San Ángel -a neighborhood located in the Southwest of Olaz, Fabián Orlando; Medrano, Leonardo; Greco, María Eugenia; Del Prette, . El estudio cualitativo toma como referencia 10 entrevistas en profundidad que, tras ser analizadas en sus contenidos, desde una perspectiva relacional. Toxocariasis in Carnivora from Argentinean Patagonia: Species molecular identification, hosts, and geographical distribution · Directory of Open Access.

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Estos resultados obtenidos se comparan entreivsta los de un trabajo desarrollado por el Instituto de Berne Beutler et al. Hydroalcoholic extract from Nerium oleander L. Apocynaceae elicits arrhythmogenic entreviata.

OLE has been used medicinally and is reported to possess a wide range of pharmacological activities. OLE effects are caused by different cardiac glycosides CGprimarily oleandrin, found within the plant.

The aim of this study was to investigate the potential arrhythmogenic effects of hydroalcoholic extracts from N. OLE hydroalcoholic extracts were obtained from N. Clinical signs and ECG analysis were evaluated. Sample tissues from the heart were processed for histopathological and ultra-structural analysis.

Autonomic effects were assessed through pharmacological blockade and ECG monitoring.

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In vitro experiments were conducted with isolated ventricular myocytes from adult mice. Our results demonstrated that OLE hydroalcoholic extract elicited severe cardiac arrhythmias that can lead to death with minimal tissue damage.

Our data revealed the potential cardiotoxicity and positive inotropic effect of OLE and its important role in modulation of electrophysiology in cardiomyocytes.

Indentification of vincamine indole alkaloids producing endophytic fungi isolated from Nerium indicum, Apocynaceae. Vincamine, a monoterpenoid indole alkaloid which had been marketed as nootropic drugs for the treatment of cerebral insufficiencies, is widely found in plants of the Apocynaceae family.

Nerium indicum is a plant belonging to the Apocynaceae family. So, the purpose of this research was designed to investigate the vincamine alkaloids producing endophytic fungi from Nerium indicum, Apocynaceae. All fungal isolates were fermented and their extracts were preliminary screened by Dragendorff’s reagent and thin layer chromatography TLC.

One isolated strain CH1, isolated from the stems of Nerium indicum, had the same Rf value about 0. The extracts of strain CH1 were further analyzed by high performance liquid chromatography HPLC and liquid chromatograph-mass spectrometry LC-MSand the results showed that the strain CH1 could produce vincamine and vincamine analogues.

The acetylcholinesterase AchE inhibitory activity assays using Ellman’s method revealed that the metabolites of strain CH1 had significant ,a inhibitory activity with an IC50 value of 5.

The isolate CH1 was identified as Geomyces sp. This study first reported the natural compounds tabersonine and ethyl-vincamine from endophytic fungi CH1, Geomyces sp.

In conclusion, the fungal endophytes from Nerium indicum can be used as alternative source for the production of vincamine and vincamine analogues. La utilizacion de los mapas conceptuales en la ensenanza de biologia y su efecto sobre el dominio del proceso de fotosintesis en los estudiantes universitarios. Se investigo el efecto de los mapas conceptuales sobre el dominio del proceso de fotosintesis en estudiantes universitarios.

La investigacion utilizo dos estrategias: El analisis de los datos incluyo aspectos cualitativos y cuantitativos. Los hallazgos mas importantes del analisis cuantitativo indican que los estudiantes que utilizaron los mapas conceptuales mejoraron significativamente su desempeno en la posprueba global. Para determinar si entrevistz diferencias significativas entre la posprueba y preprueba del grupo individual, se realizo la prueba nuevamente.

El valor de W correspondio a Se concluye que existen diferencias significativas entre la ejecucion de la posprueba y preprueba del grupo individual. Los datos proveen suficiente evidencia para sostener que los estudiantes que utilizaron la estrategia de mapas conceptuales individuales mejoraron el dominio del proceso de fotosintesis significativamente. Se realizo nuevamente la prueba para los resultados de posprueba y preprueba del grupo colaborativo.


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El valor de W correspondio a con un valor p de 0. Se concluyo que existen diferencias significativas entre la ejecucion de la posprueba y preprueba del grupo colaborativo.

Finalmente, se efectuo una. A new p-hydroxybenzoic acid derivative from an endophytic fungus Penicillium sp. A new p-hydroxybenzoic acid derivative named 4- 2’R, 4′-dihydroxybutoxy benzoic acid 1 was isolated from the fermentation of Penicillium sp. R22 in Nerium indicum. The antibacterial and antifungal activity of compound 1 was tested, and the results showed that compound 1 revealed potent antifungal activity against Colletotrichum gloeosporioides, Alternaria alternata, and Alteranria brassicae with MIC value of Outbreaks of the West Nile virus infection were reported in Morocco in, and Culex pipiens was strongly suspected as the vector responsible for transmission.

In the North center of Morocco, this species has developed resistance to synthetic insecticides. There is an urgent need to find alternatives to the insecticides as natural biocides. In this work, the insecticidal activity of the extract of the local plant Nerium oleander, which has never been tested before in the North center of Morocco, was studied on larval stages 3 and 4 of Culex pipiens. Biological tests were realized according to a methodology inspired from standard World Health Organization protocol.

The extract had toxic effects on the larvae of culicid mosquitoes. The ethanolic extract of Nerium oleander applied against the larvae of Culex pipiens has given the lethal concentrations LC50 and LC90 in the order of This investigation indicates that N. A new isoquinolone alkaloid from an endophytic fungus R22 of Nerium indicum.

A new isoquinolone alkaloid named 5-hydroxymethoxyphenylisoquinolin-1 2H -one 3together with two known quinolinone alkaloids 3-O-methylviridicatin 1 and viridicatol 2 were isolated from the fermentation of an endophytic fungus Penicillium sp.

Their structures were elucidated by NMR, IR and MS data, and were also confirmed by comparing with the reported data in the literature. Meanwhile, the antibacterial and antifungal activities of all compounds were tested, and the results showed that three compounds had strong antifungal activity. Among them, compound 2 revealed potent antibacterial activity against Staphylococcus aureus with MIC value of Phytoremediation of fluoride with garden ornamentals Nerium oleander, Portulaca oleracea, and Pogonatherum crinitum.

Translocation and bioaccumulation factors calculated after fluoride contents in roots and leaves of N. Results endorsed the superiority of N.

Evaluation of the wound healing potential of Aloe vera-based extract of Nerium oleander. Nerium oleander Apocynaceae and Aloe vera Liliaceae are among the widely used herbal remedies for treating skin diseases and possess numerous activities such as antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and antioxidant.

The aim of this study was to investigate the possible wound healing effect of Aloev era-based extract of the N. Twenty-four Wistar albino rats were randomly grouped as follows: All groups received their related topical application twice a day for 14 consecutive days. These ameliorative effects were also supported by histological findings. Green synthesis of Nerium oleander-conjugated gold nanoparticles and study of its in vitro anticancer activity on MCF-7 cell lines and catalytic activity.

The phytochemicals present in the stem bark extract of Nerium oleander commonly known as Karabi have been utilized for the green synthesis of stable gold-conjugated nanoparticles at room temperature under very mild conditions. The green synthesized gold-conjugated nanoparticles were characterized by surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy, High resolution transmission electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction studies and dynamic light scattering.

A mechanism for the synthesis and stabilization of gold-conjugated nanoparticles AuNPs has been proposed.

Anticancer activity of the stabilized AuNPs studied against MCF-7 breast cancer cell line revealed that the stabilized AuNPs were highly effective for the apoptosis of cancer cells selectively. The antioxidant activity of the stem bark extract of Nerium oleander has also been studied against a long lived 2,2-diphenylpicrylhydrazyl radical at room temperature. Moreover, the utilization of the stabilized AuNPs as a catalyst has also been demonstrated.


Nerium oleander indirect leaf photosynthesis and light harvesting reductions after clipping injury or Spodoptera eridania herbivory: Variable indirect photosynthetic rate P n responses occur on injured leaves after insect herbivory.

It is important to understand factors that influence indirect P n reductions after injury. Two experiments showed intercellular [CO 2 ] increases but P n and stomatal conductance reductions with increasing injury intensity, suggesting non-stomatal P n limitation.

Also, P n recovery was incomplete at 3d post-injury. This is the first report of a negative exponential P n impairment function with leaf injury intensity to suggest high N.

Negative linear functions occurred between most other gas exchange and chlorophyll a fluorescence parameters with injury intensity.

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The degree of light harvesting impairment increased with injury intensity via lower 1 photochemical efficiency indicated lower energy transfer efficiency from reaction centers to PSII, 2 photochemical quenching indicated reaction center closure, and 3 electron transport rates indicated less energy traveling through PSII. Future studies can examine additional mechanisms mesophyll conductance, carbon fixation, and cardenolide induction to cause N. Published by Elsevier Ireland Ltd.

In a survey that was conducted during the yearentrevisga local strain of Aphid lethal paralysis virus ALPV was identified and isolated from a wild population of Aphis nerii aphids living qngel Nerium oleander plants located in northern Israel.

RNA extracted from the viral particles allowed the amplification and determination of the complete genome sequence. The virus genome is comprised of nucleotides. These preliminary results demonstrate the lx of ALPV for use as a biologic agent for some aphid control.

Surprisingly, no visible ALPV pathogenic effects, such as morphological changes or paralysis, were observed in the A. The first hypothesis suggest that A. This study was aimed to find histological changes in the extrahepatic organs, hepatic iron deposition, and gene expression of some iron regulatory proteins in rats after sterile muscle abscess during the acute intoxication of Nerium oleander profundidzd decoction.

Control animals received saline injection of matched volume. Lungs, kidney, spleen, and liver were extracted and processed for histopathological examination while portion entrevidta liver tissue was proceeded for iron regulatory gene expression quantification. Sections of all studied organs were found with signs of cellular dysfunction with infiltration of variety of leucocytes.

In kidney sections distortion of renal tubules and epithelial cells with shrinkage of glomeruli was noted at all studied time points. Significant changes in the expression of acute phase cytokine and iron regulatory genes were noted.

It is concluded that inherent toxins present in the N. Metal uptake of Nerium oleander from aerial and underground organs and its use as a biomonitoring tool for airborne metallic pollution in cities. The analysis of the airborne particulate matter-PM-incorporated to plant leaves may be informative of the air pollution in the surroundings, allowing their use as biomonitoring tools. Regarding metals, their accumulation in leaves can be the result of both atmospheric incorporation of metallic PM on aboveground plant organs and root uptake of soluble metals.

In this study, the use of Nerium oleander leaves as a biomonitoring tool for metallic airborne pollution has been assessed. The metal uptake in N.