Buy La doble vida de Gwendolynne Price 1ª ed., 1ª imp. by Portia Da Costa ( ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free . La doble vida de Gwendolynne Price: PORTIA DA COSTA: Books – Librarian Gwendolynne Price starts finding indecent proposals and sexy stories in her La doble vida de Gwendolynne Price Fifty Shades Freed by E.L. James Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire Fifty Shades of . In Too Deep by Portia Da Costa is an erotic literary adventure with just a touch of whodunit thrown in.

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Hated the fact they called each other love all the time and also used the vidda honey when you’ve read the book youll know what i mean! And the ending was super sweet – just the way I like them. I think I could make an erotic novel work where the fairly tasty but unfulfilled female protagonist gets the best ploughing of her life off a chap who she initially describes as rather unprepossessing.


Gwendolyn suspects he might be her secret admirer and sets about to find out. For me, the cista erotic stuff imaginable is that which is believable and in which you can understand why the characters have such a bone-on for each other. From the instant messaging to the classic cyber sex Gwendolynne discovers her own body and her own mind with her own fingers and hands. If you like a little mystery with your erotica along with a sweet and slightly different love story, I would highly recommend picking up In Too Deep by Portia Da Costa.

And let me tell you. Read more Read less. It wasn’t gwendolnyne with in the most promising way. An intimate cast of characters, only really consisting of a lonely librarian vvida a tortured professor.


Daniel is a hot, sexy, and perfect in that geeky smart way! I initially decided to read In Too Deep because I work in a library and the premise was quite amusing. I really enjoyed the letters, messages and emails from nemesis. This is the kind of story I live for? Being a huge fan of erotic fiction, it came as no surprise to me that I gobbled this book up in under 48 hours.


In Too Deep by Portia Da Costa

My novels have been published by a variety of different houses, both in the US and the UK, and translated into many languages including Xe, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian and Japanese.

I also write as Dorothy Starr and Megan Paul I’ve been writing for publication sinceand have had over twenty novels published and around short stories. To sum up, the novel was rather bleak and uninteresting, though not completely unreadable.

I didn’t have to force myself to finish it, but at the end, I felt nothing for it. I really really really wanted to love that book but unfortunately this one wasn’t for me. And really, it’s a sweet erotic romance love story too, so you can actually revel in the fact that she’s not turned into a total nympho by the book’s experiences. Overall I thought this was a charming work of romantic erotica, an easy read and a nice fantasy.

In Too Deep

Her sentences are among the most lucid, concise and well-judged of any I have read. Which was also predictive, and results in predictive happy ending. I also had trouble with the heroine, so I never really got into the story.

So when ordinary Gwendolynne starts showing of her curvy figure in clothes that would make any man clsta it’s no wonder a man could be behind this burst of confidence and Gwendolynne proves she’s not so ordinary after all. And Oooohh Weeee what a great story! I can’t really remember what happened in the end.

Alarmingly, the first on the list was the immortal re d’O” which made me very angry, as that is a literary classic and invented so much BDSM tropery that it’s a massive disservice to call it fucking “mommy porn” but I got over that.


Come to think of it, that’s not a bad idea. Well I suppose we can’t like every book, and I’m afraid this is one of those books that I just could not get into.

I really liked Gwendolyne, she was REAL, an ordinary woman, she wasn’t annoying or frustrating and she had curves!! Then it dawned on me that the book is written in present tense. The kink factor remains low, and cksta naive and funny. Dec 21, Louise rated it did not like it Shelves: I’m now venturing into historical erotic romance too, with a new novel for Harlequin Spice set in London in the year To me that suggests it’s not a massive keeper nor that riveting that I can’t put it down.

Alarmingly, the first on the list was the immortal “Histoire d’O” which made me very angry, as that is a cossta classic and invented so much BDSM tropery that it’s a massive disservice to c Is an allegedly erotic novel written by a local government worker from the North of England who goes by the pornoriffic name Portia da Costa.

More feeling, more excitement, more erotic tingles.

I don’t know if all her books are written this way, but I really struggled with the first few chapters. Nor could I get out my head the fact that at the end of the day, a supposedly practical poryia sensible woman gets involved with a stalker.

Gwendolynne PriceDaniel Brewster.

Given the author shrugs off something as nuanced as a marital relationship with such superficiality, what do you expect she’s going to do with something as complex as sex? Like many an erotic novel, it’s in the present tense.