KingdomNomics begins by asking the question, “How can I enjoy life now, and the moments invested in reading Phil Wiegand’s book will bring dividends that. time and your talent to make this a better book and to hopefully help many more In my first book, KingdomNomics, I discussed the importance of being wise. In his first book, KingdomNomics, business investor Phil Wiegand discussed the importance of being wise stewards of all the resources God has given us: time.

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Business investor Phil Wiegand answers that question! He shows, through personal anecdotes and solid biblical guidance, how an ordinary life can become an extraordinary adventure.

Downloading Kingdomnomics

The KingdomNomics Converterlator, delves into the Biblical principles that clarify how we are actually agents of change in this world with rewards in heaven for all that we accomplish using those resources.


Each day provides new opportunities for us to serve God by strategically using the resources he has entrusted to us. A Converterlator is an agent of change; a transformer who not only experiences a life of joy now, but who also makes decisions that will echo into eternity. A Converterlator sees the big picture, a picture that is bigger than just life here on earth.

Downloading Converterlator

A Converterlator has a living relationship with God that makes an impact in our world and for eternity. The Bible is clear that we will experience rewards in heaven.

Son Power is all about God generating the power for your impact on eternity. As a believer in Christ, you have Son power available to you. You have access to this power for supernatural living through the Holy Spirit. This power flows freely when you live a life that is in harmony with his revealed will.

When we allow Son Power to work in and through us, our lives, desires, and accomplishments will be transformed. Son Power affects our lives now and creates a lasting impact that stretches into eternity.


Download a free Study Guide for the KingdomNomics book that can be used for individual or group Bible study. Sign up to download your free book and receive free devotions. Son Power Experience Son Power 1. Focus In on Son Power 2.

Downloading Kingdomnomics:

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