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Keppe pages Translated to: In this fascinating book, Dr. Norberto Keppeexplores how the essential concepts of Physics, as mogor as biology and psychology, are completely inverted and are actually leading scientists away from understanding the nature of reality and the universe in which we live. This conundrum was perceived by Nobel Prize winner, Steven Weinberg.

What is Keppe Motor?

From exploring the truth about energy and matter, to discussing the true source of energy, to examining the enormous impact of psychology on genetics, Keppe clarifies science and disinverts its incorrect metaphysical orientation. This book transcends the study of Physics alone and offers far reaching consequences for biology and psychology as well.

The idea was put forward that there is a particle of matter — the atom, the smallest particle — composed of two particles plus a neutral element formed by the kppe of protons and electrons. This led a group of followers to waste their time and the money of many countries on building the cyclotron in Switzerland.


Publications – Keppe Motor – Tecnologia para um Novo Mundo

My wish is that this booklet can help lift Physics out of the pit it has fallen into. In this profound and extraordinary book, Dr.

Keppe analyzes the mistakes in science that have caused us to be so destructive and out of resonance with nature, and to offer concrete solutions for fixing our inverted scientific worldview. Complete with easy to follow professionally illustrated illustrations, this manual also comes with the blueprints and 3D printable.

Designed with educators and students in motir, the Keppe Motor Kit 1. Items included in Digital Download Package: Their work has been completely based on the discoveries of scientist, Norberto R.

What you have in this manual is the first model and serves only to demonstrate the principle behind this fascinating machine. Easy to assemble, the Keppe Motor Kit 1.

Keppe Motor – Solar Powered Water Pump Prototype – Part 1

The Keppe Motor Kit 1. De Lorenzo has extensive experience and expertise in instructional systems, thanks to continuous evolution with projects in educational institutions around the world.


See the explicative document: How did you find out about the Keppe Motor? How did you go about getting more information about it?

It happened like this. I was searching the internet for information about solar panels. This is how I found out about the Keppe Motor.