This Documentation is confidential and proprietary information of CA and may not be This Documentation is confidential and proprietary information of CA and may not be Log in to the LISA Bank application again with the user lisa_simpson and password . http://localhost/itko-examples/services/UserControlService. This Documentation is confidential and proprietary information of CA and may If there is no data, then com/itko/lisa/test/data/ inside .

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What is service virtualization: However, this reduces the total time for end-to-end development, making it hard to ugide the project meets timeline and budget sometimes. In such scenario, creating virtualized component comes in with multiple advantages: You can use it to build a virtual service layer and finish end-to-end connectivity to proceed with unit and integration testing 2.

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It can be used to simulate the different response structures to assess the behavior of one vs the other and determine ugide is better to adopt. For example, in case of micro service architecture, different domain controllers can be virtualized, simulated and tested.


At a high level, there are two different methods to virtualize any service component: This is a longer approach to building virtual services. In this case, you a choice to decide whether one, itkl or all operations in the service should be virtualized. Once created by drag-drop approach, we can make the virtual operations to gukde hard-coded mock ones in which case it will always fetch the same response, regardless of request parametersor connect with some spreadsheet or database which has the necessary data loaded in pre-determined format.

In this case, you open a specific port to listen over existing web-service traffic. Based on the variations of captured traffic, ittko and response are parameterized and recorded data is stored in relevant data source.

A User’s Guide to Implementing Service Virtualization – Perficient Blogs

Another important and very beneficial aspect of is it, you can create different versions of the same virtual service. In that case, you can choose to expose those different versions on different HTTP ports and hence be able to call them simultaneously.


There are multiple market players coming out with their Service virtualization tools.

Some leading market players like CA technologies are even taking a step ahead by acquiring tools like Blazemeter. Blazemeter can be used for load or performance huide.

This will not only help build what customer needs but perhaps take a step ahead and ensure it also meets non-functional SLA. For more detailed information session, knowledge sharing or even assessments on how Perficient-CA can together provide business values, please feel free to contact us!

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