Iniquis Afflictisque (On the Persecution of the Church in Mexico) is an encyclical of Pope Pius XI promulgated on November 18, , to denounce the. The encyclical was written in and was titled Iniquis Afflictisque. Pope Pius XI’s second encyclical about the persecution of the Church in. Today, November 18, is the 88th anniversary of Pope Pius XI’s first encyclical on the persecution of the Catholic Church in Mexico (by the.

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If in the first centuries of our era and at other periods in history Christians were treated in a more barbarous fashion than now, certainly in no place or at no time has it happened before that a small group of men has so outraged the rights of God and of the Church as they are now doing in Mexico, and this without the slightest regard for the past glories of their country, with no feelings of pity for their fellow-citizens.

The encyclical Studiorum ducem, promulgated 29 Junewas written on the occasion of the 6th centenary of the canonization of Thomas Aquinas, whose thought is acclaimed as central to Catholic philosophy and theology.

The majority of these same individuals were forced, under threat of losing their positions, to take part, together with the army and laboring men, in a parade sponsored by the Regional Confederation of the Workingmen of Mexico, a socialist organization. History Christians had formed churches in Arabia prior to the time of Muhammad in the 7th century.

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First of all We mention the Knights of Columbus, an organization which is found in all the states of the Republic and which fortunately is made up of active and industrious members who, because faflictisque their practical lives and open profession of the Faith, as well as by their zeal in assisting the Church, have brought great honor upon themselves.

In the first place, the National Sodality of Fathers of Families, the program of which is to give a Catholic education to their own children, to protect the rights of Christian parents with regard to education, and in cases where children attend the public schools to provide for them a sound and complete training in their religion.

He assumed the title of Primate of Poland. Without the slightest regard for justice, for solemn promises given, or for humanity itself, one of these Apostolic Delegates was driven out of the country; another, who afflichisque of illness had left the Republic for a short time, was forbidden inlquis return, and the third was also inuquis in a most unfriendly manner and forced to leave.


Enemies of freedom are usually also enemies of the Church. Member feedback about Iniquis afflictisque: Many seminaries likewise, schools, insane asylums, convents, institutions connected with churches have been closed.

But the cruel exercise of arbitrary power on the part of the enemies of the Church has not stopped at these acts. But the cruel exercise of arbitrary power on the part of the enemies of the Church has not stopped at these acts.

The Calles presidential campaign was the first populist presidential campaign in the nation’s history, as he called for land redistribution and promised equal justice, more education, additional labor rights, and democratic governance. In one of the states of the Confederation it has been decreed that only one bishop is permitted to live within the territory of said state, by reason of which law two other bishops were constrained to exile themselves from their dioceses.

Young girls, too, who were imprisoned, were criminally outraged, and these acts were deliberately made public in order to intimidate other young women and to cause them the more easily to fail in their duty toward the Church. FromKlaheusener became head of the In certain sections of the country restrictions have been placed on the ministry of priests which, if they were not so sad, would be laughable in the extreme. The clergy, on their side, have not hesitated to go to prison when ordered, and even to face death itself with serenity and courage.

Member feedback about Bernhard Lichtenberg: Unquestionably the events just cited are grave and deplorable. As a result, he was tortured and given a life sentence in a show trial that generated worldwide condemnation, including a United Nations resolution. Widerstand gegen den Nationalsozialismus was the opposition by individuals and groups in Germany to the National Socialist regime between and Early life and career Mindszenty was born on 29 Ma He began as a seminarian at the Collegium Germanicum, but later switched to the Russicum.

It is difficult, Venerable Brothers, to express in language how such perversion of civil authority grieves Us.

November 4, — December 8, was a Polish-American Jesuit priest who conducted clandestine missionary work in the Soviet Union between and He was released and returned to the United States inafter which he wrote two books, including the memoir With God in Russia, and served as a spiritual director. Naturally, We do not wish that either you or the faithful afflictiqsue fail to receive from Us a solemn testimonial of Our gratitude for the prayers which, affflictisque to Our intention were poured forth in private and at public functions.


Member feedback about Cristero War: Even these latter are not allowed to exercise their sacred office unless they have beforehand registered with the civil authorities and have obtained permission from them so to function.

He served his army duties in a special force, aimed to keep young men from becoming priests. Armenians being deported in the Ottoman Empire as part of the Armenian Genocide.

Every marriage between Catholics is considered valid if contracted validly according to the prescriptions of the civil code.

Author:Pius XI

Last month on the occasion of the beatification of many martyrs of the French Revolution, spontaneously the Catholics of Mexico came to Our thoughts, for they, like those martyrs, have remained firm in their resolution to resist in all patience the unreasonable behests and commands of their persecutors rather than cut themselves off from the unity of the Church or refuse obedience to this Apostolic See. In fact every man knows that after the introduction of Christianity into Mexico, the priests and religious especially, who are now being persecuted with such cruelty by an ungrateful government, worked without rest and despite all the obstacles placed in their way, on the one hand by the colonists who were moved by greed for gold and on the other by the natives who were still barbarians, to promote greatly in those vast regions both the splendor of the worship of God and the benefits of the Catholic religion, works and institutions of charity, schools and colleges for the education of the people and their instruction in letters, the sciences, both sacred and profane, in the arts and the crafts.

The Bishops had not been wrong in their anticipations of what iniquiis take place. Destroyed property inside Adoration Monastery, Mangalore, after it was vandalized by activists belonging to the Bajrang Dal, during the September attacks on Christians in Mangalore Anti-Christian violence in India refers to religiously-motivated violence against Christians in India.