Project Planning Manual mannesmann. Rexroth engineering. Indramat. .. Together with intelligent digital drive controllers from INDRAMAT, digital AC servo motors of the MDD series tachometer signal faulty. BLC-signal faulty. Call for any repair or support for Indramat motion control systems. You’ll see it labeled as tacho in your Indramat manual. The INDRAMAT TRK 3 is a three-phase hallwave The tachometer voltage is cupplied to amplifier V.2 whose amplification can be set on porentio: meter

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Download indramat tacho manual pdf | Diigo Groups

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The Axis2 dc motor oscillates back and forward rapidly when 0V dc control voltage is applied. If I apply some DC voltage, the motor rotates, but still oscillates changes its velocity.


Please see tacho signal at 0V control signal attachment1 The Axis1 has the same dc motor, which runs fine and smooth. I exchanged the motors of axis 1 and 2, and the problem moved to motor1 and the motor2 ran smooth.

Than i noticed ibdramat chapter 3.

Does anybody have an idea what could cause the motor oscillation? Does anybody have an idea why am i getting such signals form TP and TP Any advice and suggestions will be lndramat appreciated, Regards Klemen.

The following user s said Thank You: Heh, I found the solution, it is described in paragraph 2. I don’t know why they split this section tach two parts. This thread can be deleted, Regards Klemen.

Top 5 Indramat TVD Series Power Supply Fault Codes

Might as well leave it, perhaps someone will do a search and find this, and will then know that it can work. That’s a good search result. Ok, a attached the before and after oscilloscope image, maybe someone will find it useful.


Its equipped with the same Indramat drive, any chance you can attach the file again, the link seems to be broken opr not available anymore.

Thanks in advance henk. The file is too big to upload to the forum.

I uploaded it here: Powered by Kunena Forum.