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One Year MBA | IMD Business School

Search for publications, programs, event, people and much more Apply There are currently no available sessions. A one year MBA program from a top-ranked business school can give you the leadership skills and brocgure capabilities you need to rise to the next level in your business career.

It is crucial for your promotion up the corporate ladder. Even with this knowledge and understanding, the question still remains: What are the key considerations in choosing an MBA program?

By reading this article, this question will be answered and you will gain insights on the main considerations in choosing a school wherein you can enroll in a one year MBA program. Listed below are the criteria for evaluating any MBA program. Look at the rankings of the MBA School. An increasing number of business schools are now offering one year MBA programs.


But with so many choices you need a strategy to select the one that will deliver the highest returns for your investment in business leadership training.

These assessments by independent, authoritative publications such as the Financial Times and Forbes will allow you to see at a glance which programs are highly regarded.

Pinpoint brocchure differences in the MBA programs.

Not all one year MBA programs are the same. Because of the concept of academic freedom, colleges and universities around the world can design MBA courses and can shape their respective curriculums as they wish.

5 Tips in Choosing a One Year MBA Program

You need to understand that even colleges and universities at the top of the executive education rankings have different 1 Year MBA programscurriculums and course structures.

It would be a mistake to overlook the differences among programs that are sometimes lumped together. Certain business schools stand apart because they continually update their degrees in business in close consultation with companies.

By joining forces they can ensure that their MBA curriculum stays relevant, reflecting fast-changing developments and world trends.

Carefully examine the admission requirements of the MBA courses. Another way to identify the best MBA program is to check the admissions requirements. Find out what kind of participants are enrolling.

Highly regarded leadership programs naturally seek out the most talented candidates through an assessment process that requires high GMAT scores. Having mature participants jba this kind of background ensures that leadership and management training becomes more than a theoretical exercise without application. Choose an MBA program with international students and participants. Leading international business schools seek out participants from a multitude of countries for their MBA programs. These schools engage international faculty with diverse backgrounds who are at the cutting edge of management thinking in regions around the world.


Business schools that attract talented international participants and expert international faculty are well positioned to leverage the best educational opportunities. Invest rbochure a one year MBA program that focuses on gaining “people skills”.

One of the foundation pillars of business leadership is mastering how to deal with other people effectively. The Financial Times acknowledged IMD as nba of the best institutions in the world for executive education and open programs.

Take your career to the next level today by strengthening your existing skills and acquiring the skills you are missing. Download the NEW program brochure now. Those interested in MBAs should read more at the links below!

MBA Courses | IMD Business School

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