Hicom E Office Release 1 0 Service Manual Expanding the system Bedienungsanleitung Siemens Hicom E H. November 24th. User manual for the device Siemens Hicom E, H. Online user manual database. formation section of the Hicom E Office Hicom H Service Manual are also Bedienungsanleitung Siemens Hicom E H.

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Hicom E Office Rel.

Table List of available documentation for Hicom E Office date: Only these persons are permitted to work on the installation. Read through all information on the equipment carefully, and follow all safety information. Never operate the equipment with the protective earthing conductor disconnected! Never wear jewellery, metal watch straps or metal fittings and rivets on items of clothing as there is a bedienungsanleitunf of injury and short circuits.

Siemens Hicom 150 E Office Service Manual

hiocm Guidelines which apply to Siemens AG employees Employees at Siemens AG are bound to safeguard trade and data secrets under the terms of the company’s work rules. It is imperative that the following rules are observed to ensure that the statutory provisions relating to service whether it be on-site service or remote administration and maintenance are strictly adhered to.

It can also be connected to a TN-C-S power supply system where the PEN conductor is divided into a protective earth connector and a neutral conductor. System variants The Hicom E Office single-product line consists of the following models, which can cover the needs bedineungsanleitung a wide range bedienungsanleitnug customers, as far as the number of subscriber lines is concerned: Hicom E OfficePro, which consists of a basic cabinet and up to 2 expansion cabinets for up to bediienungsanleitung line circuits, is the most powerful and comprehensive system in the product line.

The housing accommodates six slots per shelf. The flat housing contains a single-board system and connection options for the trunk connections and stations.

All values given are approximate values and should be viewed as such under practical operating conditions. A tolerance band must always be provided for with technical equipment.

Forced ventilation is not necessary. The board offers the following features and outputs The CGM module must be inserted for It permits remote administration and maintenance analog mode up to Battery mode must be deactivated before using a USVC.

Battery mode must be deactivated before using a USVF. SXX Distribution frame for connecting an existing external battery: Setting the bridging time for the USVI The power requirements of the connected terminals determined by means of Figure are then added to this figure. Battery current drain of the terminals Figure Hicom E OfficePro – battery current drain of terminals Contact problems can otherwise lead to board failure.

Board is defective if state remains Replace board. STLS2 as underequipped variant with 2 S ports. Interfaces There are no plans to supply line-fed terminals. Terminals of this kind must be fed locally, e. S0 networking Figure S Replace board if flashing continues. Loading operation in progress Flashing Code could not be loaded Type two is always preferable since it virtually excludes problems with longitudinal voltage. X5 a trunk1 a trunk5 b trunk 1 b trunk Flashing At least one circuit is activated.


PSE interface The following standards have be implemented for the connection of single-call and enhanced radio paging equipment: Bedienungsqnleitung signal with ESPA connection.

The following can be set: This ensures the supply of NTs with power and the functioning of the connected S lines in the event of a power failure. Reference clock display clock is generated if this feature has nicom configured using Hicom Assistant E. Reference clock for clock generator is generated. The jumpers on plug connectors X to X must be switched in accordance with the bedienungsanleitunt settings” table. The module implements a power failure transfer for four analog terminals.

You can only install a plain old telephone POT as a terminal. See Figure for the assignments for both boards. This results in the following conditions: Actuators are bedienungaanleitung that can be controlled from each station by means of a code e.

Caution Customer data is stored on the board. Save customer data separately when replacing the board. Figure Connection of V. This chapter discusses the following topics: Installation of the Hicom E OfficePro communication system. It describes the predominantly used standard installation procedures.

Siemens Hicom 150 E, 150 H user manual

The following requirements must be observed when selecting the site: Do not expose the systems to direct sources of heat sunlight, heaters, etc. You can remove the upper and lower grills in both covers. Mount the base elements on the base cabinet BC. Place the basic cabinet in the installation site and make sure that it is level and stable.

Proceed with the installation of the system. This will allow you to upgrade easily to a GEE8 if required. Assigning the subscriber line circuits and ports Two levers are attached to the front corners of the boards for inserting and removing the boards. Insert the hooks on the locking levers into the recesses in the shelf.

Press down on both levers simultaneously in the direction of the shelf until they click into place. It describes the predominantly used installation procedures, information about supplementary equipment and expansions can be found Section 6. The following requirements must be observed when selecting the site of installation: Do not expose the system to direct sources of heat such as sunlight, heaters, etc.

Determine whether any transport damage has occurred during transport and report it to the appropriate departments. ELS2-ACW mains cutoff unit non-feedback and isolated separation of mains input power plug from PSUI USVI box space for 2 battery managers and 2 battery sets Battery manager board charging and control electronics Battery set board comprising 4 maintenance-free 12 V lead storage batteries. For reasons of heat dissipation, no more than one battery manager and one battery board can be installed in the cabinet designated USVI2.



This mechanical connection via System with default numbering plan The extension numbers of the new board are appended consecutively and in ascending order to the numbers already assigned. The settings listed in the following table must be observed if using a different printer. Refer to the operating instructions provided with the printer in question for more details. There is no control code to select the mode. Output formats For information about the output formats compressed, uncompressed for call detail recording, Assignment of the connecting cable SZA The base station must be easily accessible.

Feed lead seal wire through lower right-hand fastening hole of outdoor casing and lead seal wire hole of mounting plate see Figure Mount sunshade if required: Mounting mast of the base station Figure Mounting the BS on a mast Procedure Step Action Loosen and remove sunshade. Set up an internal call between both mobile telephones. Key sequence for deactivating the system number display Switch on range warning tone. The call is terminated while Check whether or not the BS to which the call is attempting to change to another BS.

Interior of brick and lightweight materials Interior of concrete and steel dividing walls In factory halls and open-plan offices Thus, radio traffic is possible within and through buildings. The distances between the structures are rarely greater than m. In this scenario, outdoor base stations are practical for covering the outside area.

Similar to those in the brick building scenario. Due to the requirements of the industrial sector reinforced concrete ceilings in these buildings are dimensioned in such a way that the insertion loss values of the ceilings can be considerably higher than in the case of brick buildings.

Additional BSs are required for areas such as these with poor propagation conditions. The heating board for regulating the temperature in the outdoor casing has not yet been released for operation with Hicom cordless E Version 1. BS with outdoor casing Example of the coverage of an outdoor area A base station BS installed in an attic directly beside a dormer window no metal Coverage of outside area Figure Example of coverage of an outside area Topic optiset E terminals: Equipment with displays also offer enhanced use through the interactive user interface.