Kommission Elektrotechnik Elektronik Informationstechnik, Erste Verordnung Zum Gerte- Und Produktsicherheitsgesetz, Niederspannungs-Installations-Norm, . With the download gerte und produktsicherheitsgesetz gpsg gesetz ber technische of idiot, experiences took to respective breakdowns, also to eat envoys for the. und Verbraucherprodukten (Artikel 1 Gesetz über technische Arbeitsmittel und Verbraucherprodukte (Gerte- und Produktsicherheitsgesetz)).

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Post on Feb views. On this page only a few examples are shown. Further type approvals are available on request. Specified conditions of use.

Prohibition of unauthorized conversion. Safety markings on the machine. Indicators on the Sauer Compressor. Indicators and controls of the compressor control system. Maintenance service by J. Table of tightening torques. Air filter cartridge replacement. Checking the piston rings. produmtsicherheitsgesetz

Checking pistons and cylinders. Checking the drive bearings. Checking cooling water pump optional. Placing out of Service. Safety when placing out of service and dismounting. Shutting down the compressor temporarily. Compressor type Factory number Year of construction Please enter this data in Chapter 11, “Spare Parts and Accessories” as soon as possible. These persons must have read and understood the operating instructions.

These instructions shall always be kept available at the site of operation. The copyright prooduktsicherheitsgesetz these instructions remains with J. These instructions, or parts thereof, shall not be copied, distributed or made available to third parties. Contravention will be prosecuted. Disregard of the produktsicherheitsggesetz may cause the type approval to expire.

Only the use of genuine Sauer spare parts ensures produktsicherheitsgesets with these specications and thus the perfect and safe operation of the Sauer compressor. If genuine Sauer spare parts are not used we reserve the right of exclusion of liability for personal injury and material damage. A specimen of this document is shown before the prduktsicherheitsgesetz of contents of these instructions.

If spare parts are received without this certicate, there is a risk that these are not genuine Sauer spare parts.

In such case please contact our customer service. Do not use parts from the “grey market” but only genuine Sauer spare parts with certicate! Box 92 13 D Kiel Telephone international: In case of produktsicherheitsgesrtz regarding your Sauer compressor please indicate the compressor-type and the factory number see Chapter The cooling system consists of fan wheel, fan wheel cage, and cooler assembly.

Air Compressor WP400

Individual instructions or multiple instructions, where the sequence is of no importance are normally given as bulleted lists. Instructions to be produktsicheheitsgesetz out in a certain sequence are numbered. Turn the main switch ON.

Choose the operating mode. Turn the control ON. ActionsResultsResults of actions carried out are denoted by a check mark. The control light lights up. Safety instructions are distinguished by pictographs and signal words.

Safety instructions are described in Chapter 2. Any other use is not as produtksicherheitsgesetz and requires the explicit consent in writing by J. Observance of these operating instructions, the installation requirements detailed in the instructions, and the keeping of maintenance rates are part of the specied conditions of use as well.


Wofi katalog | cz – svtidla – [PDF Document]

The following pictographs and signal words are used: Disregard of produktsicherheitsgesetx safety information may cause personal injury and substantial material damage. Disregard of this safety information may cause damage to the machine.

Safety markings afxed to the machine must not be altered or removed. Replace damaged or lost safety markings immediately, true to the original.

Safety marking Meaning Danger! Safety marking Meaning Read instructions!

Compressor starts automatically without warning! Safety devices must not be adjusted, disabled or removed. The safety devices must be periodically tested and checked. Safety valves must be installed sealed and replaced, adjusted and sealed by authorised personnel only. Safety valvesEvery pressure compartment of a stage of the Sauer compressor is equipped with a safety valve, which will blow off when the blowing-off pressure is reached.

Safety valves are installed at these locations: This will turn the compressor off if the temperature of the compressed air exceeds the limit. If necessary the Sauer compressor can be equipped with a noise protection hood, which is available as optional accessory from J.

When the compressor is operated without noise protection hood, hearing protection should be worn near the compressor. Under the laws and regulations in force, the following materials arising from the operation of the compressor need to be disposed of ecologically safe: Before commencing work they must have read and understand the operating manual and must be familiar with the safety devices and safety regulations. In addition to the instructions in this operating manual and manufacturer documentation, accepted technical standards must be observed as well as all regional laws, standards and regulations such as the Equipment and Product Safety Act Gerte- und ProduktsicherheitsgesetzOrdinance on Industrial Safety and Health BetriebssicherheitsverordnungRegulations for accident prevention pertaining to compressors, VDE regulations and Regulations on environmental protection.

In addition, where appropriate, regulations of the responsible classication society as well as operational regulations must be observed. Persons authorised to operate the compressor are the attending specialists introduced to the job and trained by the operator.

Persons authorised to service the compressor are the trained specialists of the operator and of the manufacturer. Compressed air temperature switch Burst disc Zinc protection 1st stage Zinc protection 2nd stage Oil dip stick Cooling water inlet Particle trap Oil drain valve Oil pressure switch Cooling water stop valve NameNote!

Details of parts and spare parts are found in the spare parts catalogue. The 1st stage and the 2nd stage are respectively tted with two and one single acting trunk pistons each. The connecting rods of all the pistons sit on a common crankpin of the double bearing crankshaft. The Sauer compressor is driven by an electric motor directly anged to the transmission bell housing of the crankcase, where the power is transmitted by means of a exible coupling.


The Sauer compressor with electric drive is electrically controlled and monitored by a compressor control system.

This control system must comply with the legal provisions. The compressor takes in ambient air through a sheet lter with tube silencer and compresses it in the two cylinders of the 1st stage.

The air is led to the cylinder of the 2nd stage and compressed to the ultimate pressure. The air is after-cooled after each cylinder. A replaceable wet liner with double O-ring sealing is tted in each cylinder. The cylinders in W-shape conguration are equipped with platevalves or lamellar valves, which have a long service life and are easy to service.

Sea water cooling is possible optionally. The air compressed in the 1st and 2nd stage is recooled in straight cooler pipes, which are expanded into the cylinders. The cooling water ows directly past the cooler pipes and the replaceable liners in the cylinder. The cooling water cavities are protected against corrosion with zinc electrodes.

Optionally, the compressor can be tted with an inbuilt cooling water pump. This pump is not self-priming and is driven by an electric motor. When the compressor is not tted with a cooling water pump, the cooling water supply is cut off when the compressor is shutdown using a solenoid valve at the cooling water inlet. The functioning of the compressor cooling is monitored by the compressed air-temperature control.

Lighting Handbook Light Guide Interior Workplace

The compressor is stopped immediately if the compressed air temperature exceeds the upper limit. Condensate separationCondensate accumulating in the 1st stage is collected in collecting tanks of the back cooler covers of 1st stage. The 2nd stage has a separate condensate separator for the oil and water containing condensate arising from compression and recooling. The condensate is drained through drain lines.

Drain lines are tted with solenoid valves. These must be open when the Sauer compressor is unpressurized. The drain valves should close a few seconds after starting and the Sauer compressor should accelerate against pressure. The solenoid valves should drain the machine at predetermined intervals during operation. The solenoids valves are controlled by the compressor control system. An oil gear pump driven by the crankshaft sucks the lubrication oil from the crankcase and supplies it to the friction bearings of the connecting rods.

Crankshaft bearing, gudgeon pin bearing and piston are lubricated by the splash oil present in the crankcase. The oil pressure is monitored with an oil pressure switch.