Taviso wrote a nice little intro to FvwmButtons that can be found here. FvwmTaskBar is a task-bar that is quite similar to the one in Windows. There is. Functions can be called by FVWM though various parts of the config, I will just.

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FVWM Beginners Guide – Index

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I haven’t seen FVWM for like 5 years. It was the last desktop I used.

I haven’t really used Linux since then until about 6 months ago. Back then it looked pretty boxy. I checked out some beginneers the screen shots they have up now and am impressed.

I didn’t realize that there was anyone still developing it. Thanks for the links.


I’ve tried fvwm a number of times the latest time being this past weekend and love the speed it offers, but I always get discouraged because setup is so time consuming, and simply too much work for my level of interest.

I’ll probably play with it more within the next few weeks, though.

Basic FVWM Installation in Arch Linux

I just tried to deliver a masterpiece of advertising or marketing here. I think that is quite normal when one has to work professionally with an OS see current linux-migration of the administration of german town Munich.

I need a stable and conservative graphical environment for my office work and script programming. The self-presentation of FVWM has given to me the begunners serious impression.

I expect that working with FVWM will be easier and faster than with any other window manager when one has familiarized with it. I believe in earnest for now that studying FVWM-documentation will be a profitable guie. All times are GMT. The time now is