Editorial Reviews. Review. WHAT REVIEWERS ARE SAYING ABOUT PURSUED. NIGHT OWL Pursued Brides of the Kindred 6 – Kindle edition by Evangeline Anderson, Reese Dante, Barb Rice. Download it once and read it on your Kindle. Read “Pursued” by Evangeline Anderson with Rakuten Kobo. Elise is fractured inside, stained by a past she refuses to remember. Merrick is scarred both inside . Brides of the Kindred. Book 6: Pursued. by. Evangeline Anderson. * * * * *. PUBLISHED BY: Evangeline Anderson on Smashwords. Brides of the Kindred.

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Merrick is scarred both inside and out, a half-breed with a brutal background, at home nowhere in the universe. Now they are tied together by an unstable bond amderson could kill them both. Their journey will take them abderson the lawless planet of Rageron—the wildest of all the Kindred worlds.

There, in the deep blue jungles of an alien world, Elise must bare her soul and relive the horror that nearly killed her. Can she and Merrick make each other whole or will Elise run from her pain? This is the 6th book in the Brides of the Kindred series. Elise felt like her stomach had dropped right out of her body. Oh my God, James! How could I forget? His eyes, one bright blue and one deep gold, narrowed and dvangeline stood suddenly, spilling her pursue of his lap.

As in, a fucking pet? She grabbed the rail of the bed and tried to steady herself. But somehow I completely forgot him! Thinking a female like you could care for someone like me.

I want to see what kind of male is so forgettable you can be engaged to him for over a year and not even remember him. Suddenly the blonde nurse, Olivia, was in the way. Somehow the huge Kindred had driven everything else out of her mind.

How could I be so stupid? They were coming to the end of a long hallway and Olivia turned and pointed a finger at him.


Pursued : Brides of the Kindred 6

You need to remember that Elise was the one who was kidnapped and…and hurt. Am I making myself perfectly clear? I found her, remember? I saw the bruises and cuts that sick bastard left on her skin. Her heart was racing and her palms were damp. The vault, she thought wildly. Keep it in the vault. If she let the memory of what had happened on the Fathership come back, she was sure other—worse—memories would follow. Feeling like her feet were made of lead, Elise forced herself to go into the viewing room.

It was fairly large and one whole wall was dominated by a massive viewscreen.

She smoothed the tight-fitting pink cashmere sweater she was wearing down over her ample D-cup breasts and her eyes flicked over Elise disapprovingly. Elise was suddenly aware that she was still wearing the too-loose crimson hospital johnny and her hair was a frowzy mess.

She stood there waiting in front of the dark viewscreen, feeling like an idiot. She started to smooth down the cloudy black mass around her head but stopped abruptly when she saw Merrick glaring at her. Looking at anderaon clean cut, handsome face and dark blue eyes, Elise wondered how she could have ever forgotten him.

As usual, he was wearing a hand-tailored suit that cost more than most cars and an elegant silk tie the color of dried blood. The color set off his tanned skin perfectly, and when he smiled, his teeth were toothpaste-commercial white. Elise could almost catch a whiff of his expensive cologne as he leaned toward the viewscreen to study her.

Is that you, darling? My God—what have they done to you? She wished pjrsued for some bobby pins or anything else to tame it and pull it back, to make it lie down decently as it should.

You really should have told me you were leaving Tampa. Unfortunately, it turned into an extended vacation. I just got back into town yesterday and imagine my surprise when I got the news. I was shocked, darling. It just…just slipped my mind. She cast another sidelong glance veangeline Merrick to see if he was still glaring at her. Elise bit her lip and glanced up at Merrick. Elise felt like someone had punched her in the gut. Bury the old hatchet.


He was most frightfully worried about you, you know.

I certainly hope so. I want to see you before I have to catch my flight for Japan. Elise looked up at him, shocked and hurt. But now it seemed there was nothing to tell.

Pursued : Evangeline Anderson :

All her vitals are good and strong and she seems to be completely healed. If Merrick took her maybe she could explain—they could talk about what had happened and—. Get over it, she told herself roughly.

What were you going to do? Give up practicing law and stay on the Mothership with a man you just met?

She glanced up at Merrick—his towering height, his scarred face and mismatched eyes and thought, Yes. Yes, I would if I could. Such a public admission of affection was huge coming from the normally reticent James.

In the past it would have sent a flock of butterflies spiraling through her stomach. Connected Also in this Series Pursued Brides of the Kindred, Book 6 Elise is fractured inside, stained by a past she refuses to remember. If she does, Merrick cannot help but chase her…Elise is being Pursued. Read an Excerpt Chapter One Elise felt like her stomach had dropped right out of her body.

He smiled again and the viewscreen went blank. Other Books in the “Brides of the Kindred” series. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.