Resumen La enfermedad de Marchiafava Bignami (EMB) es una encefalopatía poco frecuente que se caracteriza por una desmielinización y necrosis del. Marchiafava Bignami disease is defined by characteristic demyelination of the corpus callosum (erosion of the protective covering of nerve. (1)Hospital Universitario Virgen de la Arrixaca, El Palmar, Espana. Publisher: Enfermedad de Marchiafava-Bignami. PMID: ; [Indexed.

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The condition classically involves the corpus callosum with necrosis and demyelination. MBD is bibnami most instances seen in chronic alcoholics, and as such the epidemiology reflects this demographic, with middle-aged to elderly male patients years of age being most commonly affected 2.

The disease is attributed to a deficiency of all eight types of vitamin B group and results in necrosis and demyelination of the corpus callosum. Histologically, the myelin loss may be striking and may be accompanied by axonal degeneration 5.


Prior to the advent of cross-sectional imaging, the diagnosis was marchiafavva limited to postmortem examination and only the acute variety was diagnosed. It classically involves the central layers with relative sparing of the dorsal and ventral extremes which may be seen as a sandwich sign on sagittal MRI imaging. Administration of vitamin B complex results in improvement in many patients, although some do not recover and may die of the disease 2.


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[Marchiafava-Bignami disease].

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