Prothalamion or a Spousall Verse made by Edm. Spenser. In honour of the double Mariage of the two Honorable and Vertuous Ladies, the Ladie Elizabeth and. PROTHALAMION OR A SPOUSALL VERSE MADE BY EDM. SPENSER IN HONOUR OF THE DOUBLE MARIAGE OF THE TWO HONORABLE & VERTUOUS. Prothalamion, the commonly used name of Prothalamion; or, A Spousall Verse in Honour of the Double Marriage of Ladie Elizabeth and Ladie Katherine.

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Prothalamion, a spousal verse by Edmund Spenser is one of the loveliest spense odes. Conversely, on comparison with Epithalamion, the verse is considered less realistic and unappealing. Spenser incorporates classical imagery strongly with a beautiful atmosphere in the poem. The emphasis of renaissance on Prothalamion brings a tinge of mythological figures like Venus, Cynthia and Titan.

The poet walks along the banks of River Thames to forget the worries of his personal life. He was completely frustrated with the Job at the court and all he wanted is some mental peace.

The cool breeze covered the heat of the sun by reflecting a shade of tender warmth. There are flowers everywhere and the birds chirp happily. The poet as a refrain requests the river to flow softly until he ends his song. The poet happens to see a group of nymphs along the banks of the river. Here the poet makes use of first Mythological figure, the nymphs which are supernatural maidens known for their purity.

Every nymph looked stunning and spsnser loose strands of hair falling to the shoulders. Nymphs together prepared prorhalamion of flowers with primroses, white lilies, red roses, tulips, violets and daisies. As the second mystic entity, Spenser introduces the swans. Swans that swam across the river looked holy and whiter than Jupiter who disguised as a swan to win his love, Leda.


But, yes, what Spenser says next is that these swans are shinier than Leda herself.

The River Thames requests its waters not to dirty the prorhalamion wings of the swan. The nymphs were all dumb struck watching the swans swim across the river. Swans are usually assigned to drawing the chariot of Venusthe goddess of love.

Prothalamion : Epithalamion by Edmund Spenser

The white lilies are matched to the purity or virginity of the nymphs. As the next step, the nymphs prepare poises and a basket of flowers which look like bridal chamber adorned with flowers. The nymphs on excitement of the upcoming wedding throw the flowers over the River Thames and birds. The nymphs also prepare a wedding song.

With all the fragrance of flowers, Thames exactly looked like the Peneusthe river of ancient fame flowing along the Tempe and the Thessalian valley. The song of the nymph mesmerizes with an enchanting musical effect. He also prays to Cupid and Venus to bless the couple with love and care lest they be safe from deceit and dislike.

With endless affluence and happiness, their kids must be a sign of dignity and a threat to immoral people. The river Leewith headquarters at Kentflows with happiness spenssr such an occasion. As the birds flew above the swans, the sight looked like moon Cynthia shining above the stars. Once the wedding starts at London, the poet begins to recollect his encounters at the mansion and the building where the wedding occurs. The Earl of Essex lived in the mighty castle which actually was the venue of the wedding.


He was so chivalrous that he served as a danger to foreign countries. His brave attack on Spain shot him to fame speser entire Spain shook at his very name.

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Spemser Elizabeth was so proud of him and he deserves to be celebrated with a poem. The Earl of Sussex walked spenesr the river and he looked fresh with his lovely golden hair. He was accompanied by two young men who were brave, handsome and glorious. They resembled the Twins of Jupiter namely, Castor and Pollux. The men held the hands of the brides and their wedlock begun thereby.

Prothallamion all the necessary ingredients for a successful verse, Prothalamion is embroidered with long lasting style and simplicity. Saturday, November 19, Prothalamion — Edmund Spenser. Posted by Roopalakshmi Balasubramanian at Edmund SpenserProthalamion. Madhurima Sarkar May 1, at Unknown April 24, at 4: M May 12, at 2: Anonymous November 21, at Hamsa Srinivasan December 29, at 5: Arjun Rk April 23, at 3: Rahmath November 13, at 3: Unknown July 24, at 2: Unknown July 24, at 8: Unknown November 4, at 5: Unknown November 12, at protyalamion Unknown November 12, at 9: Swathi December 4, at 9: Newer Post Older Post Home.