This document is the owner’s manual. Please . of ROLAND CORPORATION. Before using this unit, . with a stereo-mini plug to connect the R to the device . View and Download Edirol R09 manual online. MP3/WAVE Recorder. R09 Voice Recorder pdf manual download. View and Download Edirol R owner’s manual online. Edirol Owner’s Manual WAVE/MP3 RECORDER R R Recording Equipment pdf manual.

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Checking the package contents The R comes with the following items. After opening the package, please check all items. If any items are missing, please contact the retailer from whom this product was purchased. Names of things and what they do fig.

Assign marker A and marker B in the song, and the region between marker A and marker B will be repeated. Pressing the button once assigns marker A. It is also used to move the cursor down in the display or to change the value of a selected item. LINE IN jack When inputting audio signals from audio equipment or digital instruments, use a cable with a stereo-mini plug to connect the R to the device.

It is usually set manuak off. Evens out the overall level of the signal during recording by increasing the level of sounds that are weak, while attenuating those that are loud. Turn this switch on to record voices of people both near and far during meetings. Battery compartment Batteries are inserted here when operating on battery power. There is no need to insert batteries when using the AC adaptor.

Basic operations Recording and playback fig. Check that power is turned off. If the power is on, turn it off. Check that the power is turned off. Open the [Bottom Cover] on the bottom of the unit. When using a memory card with the R for the first time, the memory card must be exirol. A memory card must be formatted when using it with the R for the first time. Be sure to format the memory card on the R Cards formatted on devices other than the R may not operate properly on the R Setting time and date When turning on power, please follow the procedure below to set the internal clock.

The time and date set here are used as information time stamp for the recorded songs.

EDIROL R09 MANUAL Pdf Download.

Edit the time and date. Use the [RWD Button the cursor to the right or left. Edit the date and time. Play the song to record into the microphone. The level meter indicates the loudness of the input efirol R Playing back Listen to the recorded voice.

The R does not have speakers.

To listen edirrol the playback, headphones or speakers must be provided separately. Deleting Delete the recorded voice. MP3 store songs using compression. Estimated recording times The approximate recording time for memory cards is shown below. The internal microphone is a stereo microphone.


The sound picked up by the microphone on the right side of the R is recorded on the right channel Rwhile the sound that the microphone on the left captures is recorded on the left channel L. Set the sampling frequency. Set the recording mode. Select the recording mode. The [REC Indicator] lights up, and recording begins.

Using external microphones The Manua, can use a dynamic microphone or a condenser microphone, such as the type that are connected to the microphone jack of a PC. Sampling frequency values Set the recording mode.

Feedback may occur when external speakers are connected, so please do not use speakers. Adjusting recording levels The R is designed to record a wide variety of sounds, but it can also make high-quality recordings when a recording level volume appropriate for the sound to be recorded is set.

Level settings should r0 the highest input level volume that has no distortion. This principle is the same for both the [Internal Microphone] and external microphones. Indicator lights up Level range for R recording Use the [Input Level Button] to adjust the volume so that the [PEAK Indicator] does not light up even when the loudest sound is produced by the target. Doing this prevents clipping during the loudest parts of a song or during instrumental passages played fortissimo.

Therefore, it is not possible to mix microphone and line input during recording. Connect the CD player. Adjust the input level.

Adjust the input level while playing the song to be recorded on the CD player. Be careful to not mistakenly use the [Input Level Button]. Press the play button on the CD player. The song playing on the CD player is recorded on the R Waiting until the song finishes playing. Playing back Basic connections The R d09 not have speakers. To listen to playback, headphones or amp speakers must be provided separately. Press the [FWD Button] to move forward one song at a time. Once these buttons are released, playback starts again.

Edirpl the buttons are held down continuously, the rewind or manusl forward speed increases. Repeated playback of a manuap section Play back a specific section in a song repeatedly. A section can be played repeatedly to check the mnaual.

Repeating a song Repeats a selected song. Shuffle play Automatically change the song order and play back. Playing back in order The recorded songs are played back in order of their song number. Applying reverb effects during playback The R can apply reverb effects to the song being played. Such reverberation simulates the experience of being in a hall or on stage. REVERB is an effect that can be used to, for example, make it seem as if the sound were being played in a large hall.

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Song types that can be played The R can play back the following songs. Bit rates are decreased for low sound density situations. Bit rates are increased for high sound density situations.

Edirol R-09 Owner’s Manual

Also, songs on the PC can be sent to the R for playback. The actual ediol may differ depending on the environment. Songs that can be played on the R Playback 32, Songs that can be played on the R Disconnect the PC and R Follow the procedure below to disconnect and unplug the USB cable.

The power to the R can also be turned off. Manipulating songs and folders The R saves songs to the memory card.


Also, folders can be created, so songs can be moved to and managed in folders. Selecting Select This operation is used to select and play back a song from the list of recorded songs. Displaying song or folder information Information fig. To select a subfolder, select the folder then press the [FWD Button ]. To move up a level, press the [RWD Button fig.

Changing the name Rename fig. When a folder is selected, the song is moved into that folder. R memory card structure The song and folder structure for the R memory card is shown below.

When a folder is selected, the song is copied into that folder. A confirmation screen is shown. Press the [REC Button] to enter. Recorder Setup Rec Mode Sets the song type recording mode when record- ing. Setting the sampling frequency when recording Sample Rate Decide on whether the sound quality or a longer recording time is to be given precedence, and set the sampling frequency accordingly. Setting the recording mode Rec Mode Please make the sampling frequency according to whether sound quality or recording time has precedence.

In addition to playing songs back in order from the beginning, one song can be repeated or songs can automatically be reordered for playback. Setting whether to use repeat playback or not Repeat When set to repeat playback, the song is repeated according to the playback mode p. Power consumption is reduced when the display’s brightness is decreased. Setting the time until the screen is darkened when no operations are performed for a set period of time Display Timer To reduce power consumption, this feature automatically turns off the display when no operations are performed within a set period of time.