Dynesys system (Zimmer Spine, Warsaw, IN) is composed of two titanium pedicle screws connected by a cylindrical polycarbonate urethane. Conquest Hospital. Hastings, United Kingdom. Dynesys® and Dynamic Neutralization® are trademark of Zimmer GmbH. Dynesys® is developed in partnership. The Dynesys® Dynamic Stabilization System (Zimmer Inc., Warsaw, IN, USA) is one of the most frequently used posterior dynamic stabilization.

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There were no significant differences in the levels of the operated segments or composition of disease between the two groups Table 1. Abstract Background There have been few studies comparing the clinical and radiographic outcomes between the Dynesys dynamic stabilization system and posterior lumbar interbody fusion PLIF.

Pedicle-based dynamic devices were first designed to stabilize the abnormal segment and to unload degenerated discs and facet joints, while maintaining the same level of normal motion. The intended use for each level is as specified for each system. Patient history of chemical dependency or significant emotional or psychosocial disturbance may have a negative impact on treatment outcome.

Implants must not be machined or altered in zimmer way, unless this is expressly envisaged in the design and in the surgical technique. Primary discopathy spondylosis and spondylarthrosis in combination with: All data were analyzed using SPSS Semin Spine Surg The system uses three proprietary components to stabilize the spine: In the present study, the incidence of asymptomatic screw loosening was XLS Click here for additional data file.


Zimmer Spine | Dynamic Stabilization System, Spine Implant System, Spine Stabilization

Dural laceration, pseudomeningocele, fistulisation, persistent loss of cerebrospinal fluid, meningitis. Because our study was retrospective and the records of patients were anonymized and de-identified prior to analysis, so we did not have consent from the participants.

Complications and Possible Adverse Events. The use of autogenous bone graft has been shown to provide superior zkmmer compared to the use of allograft bone graft material.

Dynesys® Dynamic Stabilization Product Family (LIS, Top-Loading, & Zimmer® DTO®)

Titanium screws anchor the system to the spine Polycarbonate urethane spacers limit spinal extension Polymer cord acts as a tension band to limit spinal flexion. The occurrence of radiographic ASDs was significantly lower in the Dynesys group as compared to that in the PLIF group, which might be mainly attributable to the dynamic stabilization of the operated segments and the avoidance of increased stress at the adjacent segment.

Original data of this study. Contraindications include but are not limited to the following:. Implants are for single use only. These systems should only be used with instrumentation specifically designed for each system.

Provides a controlled range of motion in flexion and extension 3. Some of the information you will dynfsys may pertain to products that are not currently licensed for sale in United States. This retrospective study included 46 consecutive patients who underwent Dynesys stabilization for lumbar degenerative disc disease from July to March The results of the current study showed that Dynesys stabilization partially preserved the ROM of the stabilized segments, while that in the PLIF group decreased to zero degrees.


The system uses three proprietary components to stabilize the spine as an adjunct to fusion.

Symptomatic ASD was defined as the presence of severe radicular pain and cauda equina symptoms from the upper adjacent segment after a period of postoperative relief. In addition to the above specified warnings and precautions, general surgical risks should be explained to the patient prior to surgery.


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Clin Neurol Neurosurg The complications were comparable between the two groups. Therefore, the aim of this retrospective study was to compare the clinical and radiographic outcomes of the Dynesys system to those of PLIF for the treatment of lumbar degenerative disc disease in a Chinese population. Spinal fusion is considered the gold standard for treatment of spinal degenerative disease, although there are several complications associated with this technique, such as nonunion, instrumentation failure, infection, simmer pain in the donor area if an iliac bone graft is used.

Use only instruments specifically designed for use with these devices to help ensure accurate surgical implantation. The screw heads interact with the spacer The spacer resists the compressive load Overall extension is limited.