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The Dvar Malchus study booklet is currently sold in an oversized format because of rising printing costs, but it won’t last long.

By COLlive reporter Avid learners of the Dvar Malchus study publication were surprised to find this week’s edition in an oversized format that does not fit well in a jacket pocket or Tefillin bag.

The large format also had the portions for study – among them Chumash, Tanya, Hayom Yom, Rambam and Chassidus – all printed horizontally, rearranging how it can be studied from.


But while some may have thought it was a printing error, a source at Dvar Malchus said the unlikely change is a result of the rising cost of paper and a move to a new printing house in Israel. Dvar Malchus, which prints over 70, copies each week and distributed to hundreds of cities on five continents, will soon be printed in dual formats – the regular one and the large format with the regular format costing almost double the current price. The publication includes a maamar and an unedited sichah from the Rebbe, a sichah from Likkutei Sichos, the daily study portions for Tanya, HaYom Yom, and Rambam, a portion of the teachings of each of the Rebbeim, a page of Gemara for daily study, explanations for Pirkei Avos, two chapters of Nach, and weekly Torah portion, Rashi’s commentary and Targum Onkelos.


The publication also has a mobile app.

Dvar Malchus In English Archive –

For more info, visit malcgus. Advertise with us Contact. Post a Comment Title: Monday, Tevet 23 – 31 December Oct 14, Dvar Malchus Supersizes Booklet The Dvar Malchus study booklet is currently sold in an oversized format because of rising printing costs, but it won’t last long. Opinions and Comments 1 very dissapointing will be more difficult for me now to learn chitas and rambam.

I hope the old version comes back in stock ASAP. A vast majority of users would prefer the basic chitas, Rambam and a few things to learn.

No need to print a book every week IMHO. Would love to get it in the mail!!!

I agree that it’s not ideal. The larger size must be stopped in israel too!

Got mixed up in the days constantly as chumash and tanya is not laid out in any logical sequence. Not buying enlarged dvar malchus ever again.


Dvar Malchus – Welcome to Post Mark-It

Who is going to pay the shul for the extra cost of Shaimes. Basic Chumash, Tanya, Rambam and maybe a sicha or two would have been sufficient, but that didn’t last long unfortunately.

Also, how does one deal with all the Shamos???? They are so unorganized. First printed in Isreal, then in the US then back in Malchuss, selling an inferior product.

Dcar who live out of town and rely on receiving it on a weekly bases are forced to pay much more per copy because of the added shipping costs. Why is it that Chayanu has it all worked out, beautifully printed and is always available weeks in advance.