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Father lives in a studio Double or what is called in the West a small studio. Receivable is received between rooms, of stanioae more than ten square meters.

This side is a large library on two walls, a table-desk, behind which usually sits father, a sofa staniloaf two-three seats. Books, too many library capacity, as can be stuffed without a certain logic, ending by pouring through all corners of the room in stacks whose balance is always unstable.

By sliding windows of the library, alder, all kinds of reproductions of famous icons, photographs etc. To get here is something unimaginably easy. Father receives anytime anyone came by, perhaps thousands.

A memorial theirs would be particularly telling. He would comprise a highly diverse world of here and elsewhere: Vlad country and priests, monks and students, famous scholars and doctoral students, intellectuals of various professions modest, cultural personalities, etc. Some went only once … Others have become something of a household and went there several times a week.

I crossed with some steps, others heard only. Demetrius and his birthday. Sometimes the Holy Mary, Mother priestess. Then the phone rings constantly in Bucharest, the country abroad. With unwavering patience, Father raises traditionally receiver dozen times, answering greetings and wishes.

dumitru staniloae teologia dogmatica ortodoxa vol ii [carteromaneasca.wordpress.com]

Longer fills the cell and Christmas, when the parent or close groups of students come in Christmas Eve with carols. The repertoire is not too digmatica, the joy of birth dogmatcia but meet together great.

Finally, the father divided apples, nuts, pretzels and especially speaks …. At these celebrations I saw going into that closet and thirty people without anyone to feel embarrassed. To work for nothing better than sitting in vain. And further translated into Filocalia …. Father always working on something. Something important or original writings or translations of the Fathers. Always latest book is the best. Holy Father always translated last is the most important, most profound.

Father love is present or localized far, his contact with God and His saints is always alive, it leads to stzniloae. Any book you write or translate a parent you summarize in a few words. Everything seems clear and complete.

Costa de Beauregard, M.-A (Marc-Antoine)

You ask yourself what needs to be added. What you find, but, then, it is an endless analysis of nuances, details, all with their importance in the economy of stanuloae work text. Parent language in oral conversations is always simple, clear and accessible. But his words have power, they understand and live coverage, have aura.


Dumitru Staniloae Teologia Dogmatica Ortodoxa Vol 1 « Heritage Malta

They are given on each measure in the form, but they are in fact deepest thoughts. It is certain that our philosopher search for a particular type dumittru speech purely speculative that the parent was not found, and the parent speech he was not ready. Because theologized and another one is philosophizing about faith. A light coming from Tabor. Someone said that the man known as laughing.

Dumitru-staniloae-dogmatica-vol-1 | Mircea Mihai Dorinel –

Always rests a light on his face, but when you laugh seems that this light is amplified. His eyes are still small, in fact, two torches and joy that is contagious emit. An angel has watched him constantly father. I would say dogmaticz I saw an angel always present around Father Dumitru. Who knew him knew her father and mother necessarily priestess.

Present discreetly in a corner, it warms the place. Enthusiasm in her eyes glow find a soul who gives honest and relentlessly. Parent her whole life was extraordinary and tireless support. Hereby, heat, through self-giving, in a word, by a boundless love, calm and devoted.

It comprising around this pair holy peace and calm of a powerful love, a love that was really. A full living together in a dumutru and a soul, after urging the Church of Stankloae.

It is absolutely impressive to see them today, after almost 70 years of living together, burdened by years of old age and diminished, with what infinite tenderness and delicacy surrounds each other. duimtru

Does anxieties and joys, has perplexities and questions without response, has longings unfulfilled fears that will not see some printed books, rejoice when you hear a good word about him, he likes to joke, suffering with his friendseyes annoy him and his courageous you wholeheartedly when it does and kisses you really ….

It will take years, it will take ages it will be one that will be ten, God knows! Watching icon will then be the one who will ask the Father earthly journey. We had great mercy of God as Father Dumitru to be contemporary and to occasionally sit around. We bear witness to him and to God we are obliged to do. We are called to detail Raphael we form.

Theological work is and will be available to all, but those tender moments of communication they spent every cell of our Father is a personal treasure to be shared and others surely now and later. Rereading the article Holiness and delicacy, I realized how poor are our words to those of the Father. Nothing you could paint better than Father Dumitru own words. For these two belonged to him and his holiness and gentleness.

Make it to be, as it was Father, for all the same and each in a certain way, personally, it is only the great Fathers who reached spiritual likeness of God. For Father, as Christ, every man and he was given important attention and openness in love. From here, the fact that the door was always open to everyone, and tenderness with which you deal.


Staniliae those who step often threshold, he was not only the great theologian, only the priest who take their full seriously grace, and father, the man you embrace who you listen question or trouble, he advised and I cheer at the chest which could find shelter. Sure, the family occupies an important place in his heart. On the poetry of his daughter, commenting it, he built an entire theology that only a father could love so much spirit enters develop.

With how much love he received his relatives in his home village! But we, we approached him, felt the same immense tenderness in contact with him. No birthday or birthday passed to any of those close without to make a call to bless and wish her well. What joy producing these gestures made with a disarming naturalness.

I remember the last meeting at the hospital. Each of those who have been there is of course a precious memory of last meeting. Father was already on the threshold into another world.

He sparks watchful guarding the lamp reproductions of icons pasted on tiles: In such moments, it is a stsniloae saving.

In exceptional cases can communicate extensively with little means. I kissed his hand. Where so much power in that body emaciated from illness? It was also a way of speaking, we confess to each other. I wanted to hug him, kiss him, not with pity but with a kind of stanilkae start. So split the peasants in the streets, here in Transylvania. These were the last words between us. In fact, everything is so simple it is in order.

In fact, there is no separation for Christians. But there are three ways of being together: We have, of course, and now mystically with us as a saint, to shield us with his prayers. And how is this going consoling and comforting. But what we want more than to get to be together forever, dogjatica there with our spiritual bodies.

Do not be carping! Let us thank God that it gave Fr Dumitru until almost 90 years and not just any year since worked in every way to the last year.

And when we think Dogmatica occurred in 75!

And other important works were the fruit of his old age! Father Dumitru already no longer just ours. Who would be a fool to say that St. Father is the whole church, including the now victorious. It was already night when beginning lessons in taking part in around ten people. I remember how I went one evening after Father from tram to college. I looked thrilled silhouette quite high. Race was overlaid with a black balonzaid pretty old hat to wear wide-brimmed known and carrying a small briefcase in hand the old model.