Reborn: The Art of Dreamfall Chapters Book One — a digital art book featuring concept art and illustrations from the first episode of Dreamfall. Red Thread Games is raising funds for Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey on Kickstarter! Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited sequel. I just finished Chapters and I have to say that it is one of my favorite video game series ever. As such, I’d love it if I was able to purchase a.

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As always, if you’re trying to stay completely spoiler free, you may want to skip these profiles. The second character is Enu ; one of the rebels that Kian meets as he joins the magical resistance in Marcuria:.

You can read more about that patch here. Together with next week’s patch we will also reveal a new trailer, containing the first teaser footage from Book Two When that happens, you’ll be the first to know!


The Art Book – DFC General Discussion (No Spoilers!) – Red Thread Games Community Forum

As always, we encourage everyone to take the discussion to our official forums. How do you feel about the new characters? What roles do you think they’ll be playing in dreamfqll story?

I must say, it feels great to return to Stark and Arcadia. I’m happy to be a backer of this project: And not only that, but as Update 59 https: Wow, very pleased with this progress. You guys are releasing patches at a higher cadence than most AAA devs, aartbook the first teaser is coming much sooner than I expected.

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Comentarios Para poder publicar comentarios, tienes que ser patrocinador del proyecto. Sebastien Arseneault Noviembre 21, Hi, I don’t remember: Tais Fantoni Noviembre 21, uuuhhh can’t wait for book two!

The Art Book

Konstantin Senz Noviembre 21, Zhid is a slurring term in russian – means jew. Please fix to the VSync.


Keep up the good work guys, we love ya!