Results 1 – 24 DIN UNTERFANGUNG PDF Unterfangungen nach DIN und das Dickicht der neuen Falls sich im Zuge eines Bauvorhabens die. according to DIN in cases of larger depths. Figure 1 DIN “Protection of Buildings in the Area . Smoltczyk, U. (): Unterfangung und Unterfah-. Die für Unterfangungen geltende aktualisierte DIN ist eingebunden in ein komplexes Werk von harmonisierten Europäischen Grundbau-Normen. Dabei ist .

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Unterfangung OLG Stuttgart – ertl-ingenieure.

It has now been found, surprisingly, that a subsequent composite can also be produced in limited spaces directly under the foundation through the use of a flexible reinforcement. According to the invention, therefore, flexible reinforcement elements are used, which allow a distinct curvature in turn during the process din unterfangung insertion in the appropriate channels without much resistance.

Such a method was not possible until now because rebar could be inserted in the limited space only, which would allow a maximum bar diameter of up to din unterfangung 8 mm a significant curvature during installation. Somit hatten sich die statischen Anforderungen an den Bewehrungsgehalt nach den herstellungstechnischen Vorgaben zu richten.

Thus, the static requirements had to be sent to the reinforcement content of the technical manufacturing specifications. It din unterfangung now surprisingly possible, any reinforcement 1423 of static requirements and thus contribute to the applicable requirements of the piles.



Din unterfangung, the channels with the contained reinforcement to obtain a shear and bending-resistant composite are pressed with a mortar. In vorteilhafter Ausgestaltung der Erfindung kommen je nach Anforderungsprofil Stahlseile, Litzen aus hochfestem Stahl oder hochfeste Kunststoffe, wie z.

In an advantageous embodiment of the invention, depending on the requirement profile steel cords, strands of high strength steel or high-strength plastics such. Aramid, als flexible Bewehrungselemente zum Einsatz. As din unterrangung, as a flexible reinforcement elements used. In contrast to conventional reinforcement bars, these members contribute only a tensile din unterfangung in the tensile zone of reinforced concrete cross-section decreases due bending stress, so do not act reinforces the Durckbelastbarkeit the piles, which usually can be adjusted by sufficient concrete strength and cross-sectional size.


It can therefore din unterfangung advantageous to dispense with a hooping reinforcement members. It has now been found that the bond between the reinforcement insert, prefabricated duct and surrounding concrete with a high-strength mortar 2 Test certificates of the State material testing are in an annex can be produced, wherein the bond strength of the concrete shear strength of the surrounding concrete exceed.

This will full bond between reinforcing insert and concrete cross section reached din unterfangung prevented the flexibility of the reinforcement layers in the final state. The bond between channel and grout can be influenced particularly favorable if one uses no sheaths, but used a rough bare concrete surface. Din unterfangung can be advantageously prepared by the untrfangung of the pile segments placeholder for the channels, z.


Rotates about its own axis. Thus, the bond between the concrete and placeholder is destroyed and the placeholder can be pulled out next.

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What remains is a din unterfangung concrete surface. The placeholders film several din unterfangung have to one another and aligned with the segment itself by means of a jig to be so that the continuity of the channel of the image is maintained over all manufactured segments.

The alignment of the segments with each other during the press-in process can be achieved by a simple tongue and groove system. The coming to use grout mortar still has the advantageous property that he thus the tension is guaranteed over the entire length reinforcement sufficient anchoring length to accommodate the entire traction guaranteed in the first and last pole segment and. Da die Segmente id R. Since the segments usually have a length of 50 cm, the full force of the reinforcing inserts can be mobilized already within the first segment.