Derek Blasberg on How to Be Classy. A New York social butterfly believes that in today’s age of tasteless pseudo-celebrity, it’s time for a. Derek Blasberg is a writer, editor and New York Times best-selling author. humorous essays about modern etiquette called “Classy: Exceptional Advice for the. Derek Blasberg is Classy. We live in an era in which Heidi Montag’s plastic surgery escapades make the evening news, Gossip Girl characters.

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This hilarious handbook will provide everything you need to know about fashion, socializing, dating, and etiquette. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem?

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Classy by Derek Blasberg. This hilarious handbook will prov.

Paperbackpages. Published July 12th by Michael Joseph first published April 6th To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Classyplease sign up. Lists with This Book.

Sep 02, Kricket rated it did not like it Shelves: In this case, consequences that involve being mistaken for a hooker ” And if you’re one of those hippies who thinks shaving the legs is yet another clever way males have of subjugating women through the ages, you shouldn’t be wearing a short skirt anyway miniskirts are just another tool of the patriarchy, right?

View all 8 comments. Feb 16, Heidi Mccarthy rated it did not like it. This is the only book I’ve ever thrown out after reading Please don’t read this book. If you have any ‘class’ and respect for the female race, reading this book is a huge waste of time and will only make you want to sock Mr.

Derek in the face.

The School of Derek Blasberg – Interview Magazine

His constant use of derogatory terms is so tasteless, you’ll wonder how he got away with titling a book so far removed from its content. Not only is his frequent labeling hurtful, but This is the only book I’ve ever thrown out after reading Not only is his frequent labeling hurtful, but he presumes to preach how the female population should live their life. Well I have news for you, no man will ever get away with telling me how to act, especially someone who has the nerve to call out skanks and sluts and make judgments based upon his A list posse.

He sprinkles details about himself throughout the book, bragging about his small town upbringing and how he eventually made it to the top to be invited to all the most popular parties. Good luck to the reader with the patience to actually ignore my comments and form their own opinions, but the author’s attitude is not appreciated for a 21st century time period.

May 03, Christy Cole rated it it was amazing. This book is so funny – I highly recommend it for ladies young and old. Every couple sentences I kept wanting to stop and write down a quote.

Classy: Exceptional Advice for the Extremely Modern Lady

I agree with basically everything Derek says in his book, and although it is a cute read for us adults, I think teens could actually learn something by reading this – that so many of the celebs and socialites on reality TV are just NOT ladies and should NOT be emulated. She’s never the last to leave. Mar 07, AJK rated it did not like it Shelves: I’ve read my share of etiquette, entertaining, general girl guide books, and have thoroughly amused myself with said reading. I’m a fan of Derek Blasberg, the fashion writer, but in this “how to” guide for the “modern lady,” I find him condescending, overly critical and essentially humorless.


Blasberg is one of the biggest name-droppers in the industry, and I found the only amusing aspect of his debut book to be Byrdie Bell posing as his ridiculous cover model. What were the publishers at the Pen I’ve read my share of etiquette, entertaining, general girl guide books, and have thoroughly amused myself with said reading.

What were the publishers at the Penguin Group thinking when they were editing this? The advice is contrived at best, and he spends a good bulk of the clasey reprimanding his idea of “trashy” women. He blasbeeg constantly using words like “skanky” and “slutty” to describe women some of whom are his Vlasberg and former colleagues who may not follow his over-the-top guidelines for being a “lady.

The execution may have been better with a female writer sorry, had to say it and a more humorous spin on his golden rules. I think you’re a “trashy” girl for writing this garbage. Think of all the teenage girls who will read this and take everything to heart. This book is an extremely sad representation of the kind of “literature” that is negatively impacting young girls from a relatively notable writer in fashion circles.

I was a fan of Blasberg, but after reading this, I can no longer tolerate him even in the shiniest of magazines. Jun 20, Jen rated it did not like it. I’m so grateful to not be the target audience for this book. Jul 16, Kaleigh rated it did not like it. Even one star seems generous. One of the biggest ones is Blasberg’s continuous use of terms like “tramp,” “skank,” and “slut.

All of this is awful and maddening enough, and then I get over pages into it, and there is a section Even one star seems generous. All of this derke awful and maddening enough, and then I get over pages into it, and there is claesy section about intelligent insults or some shit.

In the FIRST paragraph, he says he hates hearing women call other women “bitches” and “sluts” during arguments, and that they blaberg get a thesaurus. He THEN proceeds to call above-mentioned women “tramps.

Very Classy

I think Blasberg needs more than a thesaurus, he needs a few courses in Women’s studies, and maybe a good beating while we’re at it. I was forcing myself to finish this book just so I could get it off my TBR shelf, but it vlassy me so irate at the following part that I almost couldn’t keep going which is saying a lot, considering how much I hated it up till here: This might be hard.

There’s something about drunken girls that just says “Make out with me.

Being drunk is never an excuse for bad behavior. Besides all the problematic stuff, Blasberg reaaaaally loves name-dropping. All the space he didn’t spend calling women derogatory names he spent bragging about how dere, his life is and all the famous people he knows and the fancy parties he has been to. Basically, Derek Blasberg is no better than the scum I wipe off the bottom of my shoe.

In fact, I like the cerek I wipe off the bottom of my shoe a lot better than Derek Blasberg. Don’t read this book, please. And apparently there’s blasnerg follow-up book, which, beyond not being able to fathom how this book got published, I CANNOT fathom how someone decided it would be a good idea to publish a second book by this ass Sep 20, Lana.


Derek Blasberg is a man with a mission – smack some class without losing all the sass into the modern, young female. From bad table manners, to the twisted online world, he gives tips, advice, and personal annecdotes to what makes a lady and stamps clearly the behaviour of a tramp.

At least, that’s what he aimed to do. As I read through the sections A Lady: Not a bad start, but the tone is similar: I will bemoan the world’s lack of class, while at the same defek being rude and crass. While at many points asking girls to be more generous and tolerant, but at the same time using derogotory terms to refer to the offender in the same sentence. I was not impressed. This book was written for the modern girls where trash talking is sport, blasber maybe common sense as to what is decent isn’t so common at all.

Taking the book classsy this perspective, my complaint then is: Why is each section so long?! Derek might be a pretty cool and entertaining guy I did like his party suggestions and did think his inspirations worth researchingbut I found it pretty hard to stomach the half page personal story before coming to even a glimmer of actual advice.

As a result, I don’t fully finish the deerk. I flip through the last half reading only the photo captions, charts, and quotes of other famous people – where there is some information. I feel that while this book might have some valuable information for the modern girl hoping to become a classy, modern lady, derekk much to buried to help anyone with a short attention span.

Instead, this might be fun if you consider it a humour and entertainment book. Mar 02, Rebekah rated it liked it Shelves: On the whole I do like this book. Blasberg, who throughout his writing speaks to why he has the authority to write these things and finally by the end reveals how he got from one place to another, makes a number of really great points. There are many chapters describing what a respectable, and fun, young woman ought to know and do, and the many things she ought not to.

His target audience may or may not be twenty-somethings, but ladies -to-be from high school and even into their thirties could On the whole I do like this book. His target audience may or may not be twenty-somethings, but ladies -to-be from high school and even into their thirties could probably find something beneficial here.

There are a couple ideas that are not the message young ladies need and should have been left out. These kept me from reading quickly through in the beginning. In Fashion – “Cultivating some mystery is still one of the greatest weapons of mass seduction. A Lady Faces Temptation – “Being cool is important.

Yes, we want others to like us and the way we look. Seeking those things are very tempting and can lead a lady to do unladylike things. For the average female, one not living the fast, famous-people-filled, frequent-social-engagement life, there are still some good tips: So read, revel a tiny bit in the self-professed shallowness, serek cultivate that respectability.