Chess Developments is a brand new series providing state-of-the-art openings coverage, focusing on the current trends: critical lines, theoretical novelties and. Hmm, not sure what the opposite idea of Chess Developments is. How about ” Chess Archaeology – The Pirc”, trying to dig up old ideas and. We offer the widest selection of Pirc Defense Chess Books at the lowest prices with same-day shipping. SHOPWORN – Chess Developments – The Pirc.

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Everyman Chess, Edition: English Chess Developments is a brand new series providing state-of-the-art openings coverage. Chess Developments focuses on the current trends – concentrating on critical lines, theoretical novelties and powerful new ideas.

It offers players of all levels the opportunity to keep up-to-date with current opening theory whilst also expanding and improving their repertoires. The Pirc is an ambitious counter-attacking weapon against 1 e4.


Black allows White to build an imposing centre before striking back and attacking it with pieces and pawns.

Chess Developments: The Pirc

If Black’s strategy is successful White’s centre can be blown away, but if Black fails he runs the risk of being overrun.

In this book, James Vigus examines the most theoretically important and instructive Pirc games since the publication of his highly acclaimed “The Pirc in Black and White”, highlighting the main teh and novelties for both sides. Studying this book will provide you with vital information on a popular opening. DGT Bluetooth Wenge e-board with pieces. Contact us Create Account Login. Shopping Cart In your cart are 0 items. Caissa Hungary Cardoza Publish.

Garde Ginger Gudmundsson Hephaestus Book.

Chess Developments: The Pirc

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