Appendices. Table of Contents. Page 2. C I V I L. E N G I N E E R I N G. R E F E R E N C E. M A N U A L. P P I • w w w. p p i 2 p a s s. c o m viii. A Boussinesq. The Civil Engineering Reference Manual (CERM) is one huge book. If you are just 2) Become very familiar with the appendix and tables. You absolutely must . the approximate locations of important figures and tables, what appendices are . 1) Download and print out a copy of the index for the CERM from the PPI.

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Pump Example

I heard it was very usefull to have it separately in the apendix. It is pain in the neck to copy from the CERM book.

Please if you have attached it on this reply or send it to uzelacd yahoo. I don’t know that you need all of the appendices What is nice to have is the index, so that you can look up different pages without having to flip back and forth. Just tab the appendices that you think you will need.


The second link is the direct link to the pdf of the index, which is available from the first link. I allready have index. I heard from many that it is very usefull to have aoppandix seperatly as well. It was very time saving because of lot of appendx around.

If you anyway appendiz into some electonic copy please attche it here or send to uzelacd yahoo. I second the notion that having them separate isn’t much value. We’re talking seconds less than five! But if you think it’s worthwhile, start photocopying!

I have problem with going back and forward all the time in my practicing. CERM is a good but robust book.

Will try couple days more and then start copying. But I think your calculations are a little off: Only a fraction of the problems will require the use of an appendix.

And perhaps it would be better to tab the ones most likely to be used you’ll know which ones they are after having worked enough practice problems.


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CERM Appendices – Anything about the PE Exam – Engineer Boards

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