OO Design & Patterns, 2nd ed. Cay S. Horstmann OO design courses; Covers object-oriented design, design patterns, UML, frameworks The Wiley web pages for these books: Information about the book | Instructor and student resources. Cay Horstmann’s Object-Oriented Design & Patterns, 2nd Edition: * Integrates the use of Java Other Wiley books by Cay Horstmann Big Java, Second Edition , Java Concepts, Fourth Edition, No preview available – Introduces object-oriented fundamentals critical to designing software and test UML code * Also available from Cay Horstmann, the highly successful Computing Wiley, Apr 4, – Computers – pages No preview available –

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Instead of a textbook, we will use a kriented of resources. There are a multitude of books and web sites that have a lot of useful information. No one book covers the material the way we do.

Computer Science 420 – Fall 2013

So I decided to not require a textbook. That does not mean you won’t be reading outside of class. It means you won’t buy a textbook.


These will usually not be coding. They will include writing short technical papers, proofs of correctness, algebraic specifications, and testing. Write a 2-page analysis of the scenario using the SE Code of Ethics and Professional Practice making specific references to the code’s parts. I expect a polished, well-written analysis.

Due no later than November You edsign hand it in early. This must be your own work.

Object-Oriented Design & Patterns – Cay S. Horstmann – Google Books

It is not a iwley or pair assignment. Specifications Homework direct link to specifications examples JUnit testing assignment due 3pm December 6. There are many books and web sites that have a lot of useful information. This is a summary of qiley complete reading list that also has references for the original articles. Also see my pair programming page for more links. Stages of team development: Scalable local copy for class.

Keep an eye on explanations for problems on healthcare. You will use Java and an appropriate cross-platform GUI toolkit within an integrated development environment such as Eclipse or NetBeans. The objective here is to apply software development techniques in developing high-quality software.


We are focussing on the process of developing the software.

Object oriented design patterns cay horstmann download pdf

The software developed is pxtterns huge, but you should expect to spend quite a bit of time and effort building it well as a team. You will complete it in three iterations of roughly one month each. It will need to work well cross-platform and will be an application rather than an applet.

You may see snippets of this book at informit. Handout has pages