Biological Exuberance by Bruce Bagemihl illustrates that self-correcti. Sexual Behavior: Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity. Bruce Bagemihl, Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity, New York: St. Martin’s Press, , pp., $ This book is in two parts. A Publishers Weekly Best Book One of the New York Public Library’s “25 Books to Remember” for Homosexuality in its myriad forms has been.

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Bonoboswhich have a matriarchal society, unusual among apesare a fully bisexual species—both males and females engage in heterosexual and homosexual behavior, being noted for female—female homosexuality in particular, including [87] between juveniles and adults.

International Journal of Primatology. Mary randomly found this in a library in Providence, and I can’t believe I’d never heard of it! Affectionate and playful activities are associated with such relations.

Males also have same-sex relations, typically with multiple partners of the same age. Marc Breedlove; Stephen E. Many of the animals used in laboratory-based studies of homosexuality do not appear to spontaneously exhibit these tendencies often in the wild. Sexual selection rut Lordosis behavior Homosexual behavior Canid African wild dog coyote dingo domestic dog gray wolf red fox Dolphin Elephant European badger Felidae lion tiger cheetah domestic cat Fossa Hippopotamus spotted hyena Marsupial kangaroo Pinnipeds walrus Primates human bonobo gorilla olive baboon mandrill ringtailed lemur sexual swelling Raccoon Rodent Short-beaked echidna.

Part 2, “A Wondrous Bestiary,” profiles more than species in which scientific observers have noted homosexual or transgender behavior. Several species of whiptail lizard especially in the genus Aspidoscelis consist only of females that have the ability to reproduce through parthenogenesis. Males of another wild sheep species, the Asiatic Mouflonsperform similar courtship behaviors towards fellow males.

Homosexual behavior in animals

In wild Bonin flying foxes Pteropus pselaphonmales perform fellatio or ‘male-male genital licking’ on other males. Both sexes display this form of mutual homosexual grooming and it is more common in males.


Oct 08, Jessica Hurst rated it it was amazing Shelves: Want to Read saving…. Jan 26, Delia rated it liked it. In humans, the term is used to describe individual sexual behaviors as well as long-term exuberacne, but in some usages connotes a gay or lesbian social identity.

Whether you are interested in evolutionary biology, sociobiology, the exkberance of “human” behaviors found in animals, or just telling that douchebag at the bar who says “homosexuality isn’t ajimal that he’s full of shit, this book delivers. Don’t be daunted by the heft of it: Bat species that have been observed engaging in homosexual behavior in captivity include the Comoro flying fox Pteropus livingstoniithe Rodrigues flying fox Pteropus rodricensis and the common vampire bat Desmodus rotundus.

Trivia About Biological Exuber Buddy and Pedro, a pair of male African penguinswere separated by the Toronto Zoo to mate with female penguins. Numerous scholars are of the opinion that varying levels either higher or lower of the sex hormones in the animal, [37] in addition to the size of the animal’s gonads, [24] play anima direct role in the sexual behavior and naatural exhibited by that animal.

Part 1, “A Polysexual, Polygendered World,” begins with a survey of homosexuality, transgender, and nonreproductive heterosexuality in animals and then delves into the broader implications of these findings, including a valuable perspective on human diversity.

This book is pages long, meticulously footnoted, and includes two major sections.

Biological Exuberance Review

Begemihl deftly manages his aim of producing a text that is both sufficiently scholarly and accessible for a non-specialist audience. Glickman 6 December Homosexual behavior occurs in more than different kinds of animals worldwide, and is found in every major homosexualiyy region and every major animal group.

Until recent times, the presence of same-sex sexual behavior was not “officially” observed on a large scale, possibly due to observer bias caused by social attitudes to same-sex sexual behavior, [27] innocent confusion, lack of interest, distaste, scientists fearing loss of their grants or even from a fear of “being ridiculed by their colleagues”. Often, strong and lasting friendships result from such pairings. The essence of Biological Exuberance is that natural systems are driven as much by abundance and excess as they are by limitation and practicality.


Penguins have been observed to engage in homosexual behaviour since at least as early as This time, I again appreciated all of that but was particularly impressed by Bagemihl’s discussion of post-Darwinian theories of evolution and in particular by his animaal suggestion of “biological exuberance” as a frame-work by which numerous recent findings in Western science and various indigenous insights might be synthesized.

Sexual selection in scaled reptiles lizards snakes side-blotched lizard Crocodilians Tuatara.

Springer VerlagBerlin, cited in Biological Exuberance: Francisc Simon rated it it biloogical amazing May 22, Oct 03, Mary rated it it was amazing.

For homosexuality in humans, see Homosexuality.

Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity

Sexual activity between wild males typically involves mounting and anal intercourse. Jan 11, Clifton biologlcal it it was amazing. Natural History Museum, University of Oslo.

Vesey-Fitzgerald observed homosexual behaviours in all 12 British bat species known at the time: Seabird same-sex pairing and Seabird breeding behavior: The Pursuit of Pleasure. The zoo’s director said that the relationships were “too strong” between the homosexual pairs.

Sexual selection Breeding behaviour golden eagle seabirds Homosexual behavior.