This scanning radio has been manufactured so that it will not tune to the radio frequencies assigned by the FCC for cellular telephone usage. BCDT. BCDT – Click image to view in full. Uniden’s Base/Mobile Digital . Easier to Read BCDT/UBCT Manual · BCDT User Manual · Control. BCDT – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total:

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This might be particularly true of the type of earphone that is placed in the ear canal. Uniden does not represent this unit to be waterproof. To reduce the risk of fire or electrical shock, do not expose this unit to rain or moisture. When you turn power back on, it resumes the previous mode.

Setting the Serial Port Speed These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. You can store and scan services that use Trunked Radio Systems and so much more.

FM Broadcast, Military, Air, and Special searches, to make it easy to search for specific transmissions. Channel Lockout — You can lock out any system, group, frequency, or channel while scanning. If you lock out a system or group, any channels belonging to that system or group are also locked out.

Custom Alerts — For each alert in the scanner such as channel alert, Close Call alert, emergency alertyou can select from 9 different tone patterns and also set the alert volume level independently from the main volume level.

Control Channel Only Scanning — If the scanner is set to scan a Motorola system, you can set it so it scans using only control channel data. You do not have to program voice channel frequencies into memory in this mode as long as all possible control channels are programmed. Internet and load them into the scanner. Free PC control and programming software will be available at http: The Scroll Control is a dual purpose control. It also lets you switch to secondary function operations.

If you select Function while scanning, the BCDT continues to scan, but holds on the current system until the function operation is cancelled. Pageyou are ready to enter the exciting world of trunk tracking. Uniden has made it easy for you to start scanning. No] and the two-digit quick key for your area.

Begin by choosing the Talkgroups of interest to you. Begin by transferring the data from the Radio Reference website to the worksheets you obtain from the Uniden website and from there, to the scanner. You can visit one of the Radio Reference forums and potentially learn of someone in your immediate area who has programmed the same model scanner in your area.

The BCDT uses a similar method to turn on and off scanning sites and systems. The BCDT can search each of its 13 service search ranges and up to 10 custom search ranges to find active frequencies. Typical repeater systems provide coverage out to about manal mile radius from the repeater location.

What is Trunk Tracking? Your BCDT is designed to track the following types of trunking systems. Not only does bdd996t BCDT scan channels like a conventional scanner, it actually follows the users of a trunked radio system. This information is mznual into each user radio. LTR systems are frequently programmed so that each radio has a unique user ID.


Where To Get Manuzl Information By itself, this manual only provides part of what you need to know to have fun scanning — Cable scanner plug to Front PC Connecter If any of these items are missing or damaged, immediately contact your place of purchase or Uniden Customer Service at: These guidelines will help you install and set up your new scanner: You must use either the supplied antenna or an electrically correct outdoor antenna, properly and safely mounted at your chosen site.

Use only the Gcd996t AC adapter with this scanner. Mounting Feet 4 Apply beneath the bracket; Insert the bcc996t of the supplied indoor telescoping antenna to the BNC Antenna Connector and apply moderate pressure to secure it. Setting Up an Audio Recording Device or Computer Recording It is best if you plan ahead when you initiate the basic setup of the scanner if you include the components to record incoming reception.

Slide the cover toward the rear and off.

Uniden BCD996T User Manual

Once the sleeve is removed, you will see threaded, metric machine screw holes on either side of the chassis cabinet. Uniden does not supply these screws. Their diameter, length, and screw type should be chosen by a qualified ,anual based on the internal vehicle bracket Once the original radio is removed from the vehicle dash and the fit of the scanner is correct, be sure to connect all the power, audio, antenna, and any other cables or wires, to the scanner before the scanner is secured.

The following illustration is a typical example of the ISO technique and the manul side mounting screw holes often encountered. Damage to the bcx996t might occur. Connecting an Extension Speaker In a noisy area, an optional amplified extension speaker, positioned in the right place, might provide more comfortable listening. You can, for example, rotate the knobs as well as press them to achieve a different result.

Uniden Scanner BCDT User Guide |

Pressing a key briefly can produce one result while pressing and holding, gives a different result. The display information helps you understand how your scanner operates.

The Mznual screens shown here are only a few of many that you will see while in different modes. Turn the knob to a comfortable sound level.

Rotate the squelch control [SQ] clockwise until you either hear a broadcast or noise just stops.

The control is now set manul strong signals. If you desire to hear a weaker signal, turn it counter clockwise from that point until you hear background noise once more.

For trunked systems, the scanner moves to the next system after the hold time expires, the current transmission ends, and the channel delay expires.

Tap to switch to the Function Mode then rotate the control to select the desired system. If the scanner does not scan the system long enough for you to easily do this, press and rotate the Scroll Control to select the changed system.

These groups are created if they do not exist. Then, the scanner prompts you to save other channel settings. The scanner displays Display Mode 2. Follow these steps for each manuak where you can hear APCO 25 traffic.


These steps work only when you can clearly receive the system. If you are in a weak-signal area or receive interference, these steps will not work. Allow the scanner to monitor channel activity for several minutes. The error rate should drop for each transmission and the threshold levels should automatically adjust to a more optimal setting.

The BCDT incorporates an effective menu system that lets you make all the necessary setting options required to program the scanner and effectively use the many features. To use the menu, press [MENU]. You immediately see the screen display the menu title at the top and three of ten menu options beneath.

Programming General Settings This section covers your scanners general settings. To make your selection, press [VOL]. Each time you press the control, the backlight cycles in the following order. To guide you in your selection, at each setting the display shows what you can expect to see.

If you set Upside-down to On, the scanner inverts the display text and graphics. Adjusting the Display Contrast There are 15 contrast levels.

As you scroll from level 1 to 15 you see the contrast change. This setting controls the format used for displaying the time on the GPS data screens. Wired cloning between other models to the BCDT is not possible.

Then you must set one scanner as the source and the other as the target.

Uniden BCD996T Owner’s Manual

Select the Front Port for the Master. Select the Rear Port for the Slave or vice versa. Programming Your Scanner Your BCDT comes preprogrammed with over state and local agencies, both analog and digital, selected from bdd996t most populous areas in the US.

This should let you get started quickly to enjoy your new scanner. However, to get the most enjoyment from your scanner especially if you do not live near one of these countiesyou must customize the programming for your area.

Uniden Bearcat BCDT Digital Scanner BCD

Specifying the Correct System Type In order for trunk tracking to work properly, you have to specify the correct system type when you create the system.

Here are some tips for selecting the correct type: Access two-digit system Quick Keys by pressing [. No] then both digits. Note that the scanner will scan all unlocked channels at least one time, regardless of the system hold time setting. This setting controls whether the scanner automatically skips channels it identifies as data.

This includes channels with either no audio or a constant-level audio source. If turned gcd996t, the scanner resumes scanning as soon as it detects the data signal.

The default setting is Ignore. Off — the scanner ignores I-calls. The default setting is Off. Only — the scanner only tracks I-calls and ignores other radio traffic on the system. To set the I-Call to a wildcard receive condition, press [.

In most cases, setting this to Auto provides the best performance.