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So this thread represents a quest of mine to find the VCore volt mod for this particular card.

Unfortunately scanning the back of the card isn’t an option, cause I got so much junk on there: Here’s a diagram, and a link to the PDF datasheet. That complicates things quite a bit. I’ve tried pin 17, which changes what I thought was the VCore I found wpm7313 read point on the card that reads 1.


Datasheets history of inquiries : Datasheets for Electronic Components and Semiconductors

I’ve also tried it with pin 7 and 10, resulting in no percievable changes. So I really have no idea what controls the VCore.

Well I went ahead and vmodded the memory. Went from around to No clue what the voltage is, but I don’t feel like going any am7313 anyway.

APM7313 Datasheet PDF

Don’t have any RAM cooling, afterall. Again, anybody with any insight they can think of, please post it. I know for a fact that this board has been visited by more than its share of hardware geniuses in the past. I figure the RAM’s getting too hot anyway, so I took it off and just left the card at stock.

I bet with a volt mod to the core done correctly, this thing could do The potential is there, I think. I agree most of things you wrote: Ddatasheet your card looking like this top view: In that top foto, could you locate any ‘interesting’ extra IC’s? You told to have some artefacts when altering one output of regulator pin Do you remember how high value you had when making that mod?


Datasheet «APM7313»

Which output is controlling Vmem and how you performed that mod: Thanks for the response, SikaRippa, and no it’s not that one in the pic you linked to. Sorry about your card s: Let’s see whether I’ll have time to check out the progress and if there are still anything to solve. Here the information about vmem and vgpu mods of PX TPs test points are small metallized holes in the board.

I don’t believe it. Someone finally found the vmod.