Antennarius striatus. This strange looking fish is a master ant camouflage. Within a few weeks it can completely change its color to match its. Antennarius striatus (Striped, Striated, Splitlure, Zebra or Hairy frogfish) is a singulary interesting frogfish, mainly because of its large and well. Antennarius striatus is widespread and common where it occurs in a variety of habitat types over a wide depth range. It is utilized in the aquarium trade, however.

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Short description Morphology Morphometrics Dorsal spines total: Found in weedy estuaries along the east coast of southern Africa Ref.

Occurring in marine or brackish waters Ref. In the Atlantic, it is found at an average depth of 40 m Ref.

Striated frogfish

Observed to inflate itself greatly like the puffers Ref. Males have more intense coloration and extended cutaneous appendages than females Ref.


Eggs are bound in ribbon-like sheath or mass struatus gelatinous mucus called ‘egg raft’ or ‘veil’ Ref. Frogfishes of the world. Systematics, zoogeography, and behavioral ecology.

Antennarius striatus

Stanford University Press, Stanford, California. Sounds Ciguatera Speed Swim. Estimates of some properties based on models Preferred temperature Ref.

Phylogenetic diversity index Ref. Low vulnerability 13 of Add your observation in Fish Watcher Native range All suitable habitat Point map Year This map was computer-generated antennafius has not yet been reviewed. Marine; brackish; reef-associated; depth range 10 – m Ref. Inhabit rocky and coral reefs, on rocks, sand or rubble Ref.

Collaborators Pictures Stamps, Coins Misc.

Antennarius striatus – Discover Fishes

Summary page Point data Common names Photos. Entered by Luna, Susan M.

Modified by Geelhand, Dimitri. Sign our Guest Book. Not available FishBase mirror antfnnarius Native range All suitable habitat Point map Year This map was computer-generated and has not yet been reviewed.