The Pastoral Symphony [Andre Gide] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is a classic book of Gide. It is with this book that Gide won the. André Gide (novel), Jean Aurenche (adaptation) | 3 more credits» Michèle Morgan and Pierre Blanchar in Pastoral Symphony () Michèle Morgan in. The Pastoral Symphony: André Gide: Great creative period: Strait Is the Gate), and La Symphonie pastorale (; “The Pastoral Symphony”) reflect Gide’s.

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Henry “Que cherchent-ils au Ciel, tous ces aveugles? The decision itself was not entirely unanticipated, but the scope of the condemnation did exceed the expectations of the French reading public if for no other reason than that the appearance of La Symphonie pastorale in had been universally acclaimed as the author’s affirmation of orthodox Catholicism. Gide’s own commentaries on the novel did little to symphkny that interpretation.

Furthermore, protests emanating from the Protestant realm of Catholic France left little doubt as to how the novel should be read. In Gide’s own words: Persuadez-vous qu’il y est.

Not the least of these is the title itself. And, as in the case of La Symphonie pastorale, the reader soon discovers that the entire work is consecrated to the dramatization of the various dimensions manifest in the tide as though the author were offering his own personal definition of it.


In the light of this particular Gidean procedure, therefore, it might prove very useful to examine the multifarious dictionary meanings of each component of the title in terms of the novel itself, beginning with the substantive symphonie and continuing with the adjective pastorale. And, in order to reflect Gide’s own hesitancy pertaining to the selection of the most appropriate pashoral, this consideration must include the original appellation as first conceived inL’Aveugle.

The Pastoral Symphony

Oeuvres Lyriques Paris,p. Further references to dus edition will appear incorporated in die text. Since the beginning of the eighteenth century, symphonie has come to denote a musical composition for orchestra borrowing from the sonata form. It is not surprising that each semantic stage of the etymology evokes a corresponding schematic element in the novel. Of the senses with which Gertrude perceives, before the operation, the sense of hearing is nadre the most pronounced.

The Pastoral Symphony | work by Gide |

She learns, interprets, and bases her anvre conception of the world and life on the melodious interplay of various sounds: With the help of the pastor, the young girl goes so far as to relate sounds and colors just as Beethoven relates sounds and pastoral scenes in his symphony.

The pure music of Gertrude’s blind world appears first as a motif and then as a theme. All movement in the novel is accompanied by it.

The tone patsoral visions of the vulgarized Latin liturgy which included shepherds pasteurs and music. Could not the novel be viewed as a miracle play gone awry?


After all, Gertrude miraculously gains her sight only to become a victim of her vision. Some critics have favorably compared the structure of Gide’s novel with Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony, maintaining that the stream, the birds, and the harmonium represent a synesthetic attempt to paint various movements of Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

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La Symphonie pastorale – Wikipedia

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