Title. Ancient India: an introductory outline /​ by D. N. Jha. Author. Jha, D. N. ( Dwijendra Narayan), Published. New Delhi: People’s Pub. House, Ancient India: an introductory outline / by D. N. Jha. Main Author: Jha, D. N. -. Language(s): English. Published: New Delhi: People’s Pub. House, Results 1 – 12 of 12 D.N. Jha. Ancient India in Historical Outline. EAN; Publisher: Manohar . Ancient India An Introductory Outline Dn Jha.

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The corpus of literature generated by the British scholars on early India was not univocal and it is possible to identify differences in the perceptions of individual authors.

Ancient India: in Historical Outline by D.N. Jha

Paperbackpages. Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies Vol. Essays in Honour of Professor R.

In Harappa, Mohenjodaro and Kalibangan, the citadel area, contained monumental structures which stood intriductory a high mud brick platform. Early India A Concise History. During the last five decades they have dug up various places like Ahichchhatra, Hastinapur, Kaushambi, Ujjaini, Shravasti, Vaishali and many more which find mention in the texts.

Unlike the earlier period, kings now ruled over territories and not over nomadic groups moving from place to place.

The student was required introdcutory memorize the scriptures syllable by syllable; and the brahmanas developed a unique system of mnemonics. But they were able to cultivate some important crops like rice, wheat and barley.

It rightly end with the comment that ‘far from Gupta’s reviving nationalism, nationalism revived the Gupta’s. The antiquity of these tools and their makers goes back more than two million years ago, to what is known as the Pleistocene period.

Lists What are lists? Beef was a delicacy offered to the guest, described as goghna cow-killer.


The Jungle and the Aroma of Meats. In a famous passage of the Introvuctory Brahmana we are told that Agni moved eastward, burning the earth until he reached the river Sadanira, the modern Gandak. The provenance of sticks inscribe; with measure marks is a testimony to the fact that the Harappan; knew the art of measurement. It speaks of a battle at a place named Hariyupiya which has been’ outlihe with Harappa— an identification questioned by several scholars All this may imply that the ‘invaders’ were the horse riding barbarians of the Indo-Aryan linguistic stock who may have hha from Iran through the hills.

Bharhut, Madhya Pradesh, Sunga period, c. The most common form of writing is on the intaglio seals, made mostly of carved and fired steatite, presumably used by the propertied people to mark and identify their A property. In view of the widespread use of bronze in Iran around the middle of the second millennium BC the word has been taken zncient mean bronze. Availability – In Stock Dispatched in working days. The survival of the book for more than two decades has forced me to both review and revise it.

No less important was the bead-maker’s or oxen or some other animals— is not known, craft. They ingroductory a fratricidal war with their collaterals, the Pandavas, in BC, at Kurukshetra near Delhi; its magnified version formed the theme of the great epic Mahabharata, compiled much later around the fourth century AD.

D. N. Jha – Wikipedia

South of Videha on the southern side of the Ganga was the kingdom of Magadha, then of little importance. Yuddhakanda in 2 parts. Special attention has been paid to the elements of This book is a substantially modified and enlarged version of the original.

The people of India, according to Charles Grant, lived in a ‘degenerate’ indka because of Hinduism, the source of dishonesty, perjury, selfishness, social divisions, debasement of women and sexual vice. First used by the Arabs and later by others, the term ‘Hindu’ stood for the inhabitants of al-Hind India.


But marriage between men of t lower orders and women of the upper varnas was discountenance This was due to the gradual strengthening of varna distinctions, whit began to appear indiw social life. From this region the Aryan-speaking peoples may have migrated to different parts of Europe and Asia.

Catalog Record: Ancient India : an introductory outline | Hathi Trust Digital Library

This metal is referred to in literature as shyama ayas dark or black introdyctory and has also been found at excavated sites like Atranjikhera and Jakhera in western Uttar Pradesh and adjoining regions, whose dates fall in the time bracket of the laterVedic period.

The streets and buildings were provided with drains made of burnt bricks at Mohenjodaro and Harappa as well as at several other Indus sites, though at Kalibangan mud bricks were used for building purposes.

Rajya Samaj aur Vichardhara. Sengupta for drawing maps, Shri Kameshwar Prasad, lecturer in history, Patna University, for preparing the index, and to ancieng Archaeological Survey of India for the illustrations. In his wake came the chieftain Videha Mathava, who caused the fire god to cross over the river. A specimen of beautiful brickwork, it is a rectangular tank and measures One of the best books for a study on Ancient Indian Culture and Hinduism.