Warhammer – Skaven 8th Ed – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Lel. Lizardmen and Skaven full roster 8th edition. LIZARDMEN. -Lords & Heroes Lord Kroak. How To Fight Skaven 8Th Edition – posted in The Barracks: Hello Fellow Dawi, This sunday I will go and smash some ratheads into eternity.

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Warhammer/Tactics/8th Edition/Skaven

Welcome to the guide. Characters should be fitted out to perform their role and no more. Having a level 2 warlock with a warlock weapon, condenser, pistol, and doomrocket.

It becomes much more difficult to earn his points back. More than likely he is only ever going to cast warplightning so drop the warlock weapon and the pistol which grant only skqven slight bonus for an overdose in points. Normally creating a unit that is overdosed in points is sub editioj in battle.

Again, the goal of units is to fulfil their one job and only the bare minimum points that can be spent to achieve this should be. Include adding a master moulder to rat ogres with things catchers and shock prods.

Warhammer/Tactics/8th Edition/Skaven – 1d4chan

Other examples include storm vermin champions that have any gear other than what their unit has. You must construct additional models New players tend to build lists without enough models, Skaven are a horde army so try and make it look like one. Therefore you must construct more models in units, new or in some cases returning prior edition players will take units minimum sized around 20 models This will not work in the current edition. Some of the more common mistakes include not having enough core points, having too much of any other options, to many duplicate units, duplicate magic items, a poor understanding of which model can be the battle standard and more.

I took all the shiny ones Yes, some Skaven stuff looks cool, but some of it also is sub optimal. If anything it is the Skaven core that wins our battles.

For those of you disheartened by the above part, don’t be. Here are some very simple and very easy to remember tips and tricks of early and advanced list building. Note you do not have to have exactly models in points. This is just a formula to get you close to the optimum number that you should be wielding. They provide the bodies that make Skaven a true horde army. Just like the one per 10 guideline above, you do not have to have 1 slave for every 20 points. It is a general consensus that slaves are a vital part of Skaven tactics and list building.

Minimum unit sizes In general, the minimum unit size for Skaven blocks i. Steadfast is our best friend in this edition and to play competitively you had to take advantage of that. Level 4 Always take a grey seer even if naked in games of points or more. Enemy level 4s will wreck your force if you don’t have proper magical defense. A bunker unit This is a slightly smaller unit that is placed behind the front lines to hold characters, by being behind other units you highly limit the amount of damage the unit can take so that your characters which at best are only average compared to the other races can continue to give out the much need battle standard bearer and leadership 7 to other units within 12″.

This 12″ zone is going to be referred to as your “Leadership Bubble” or just “bubble” from this point on. Bunkers do not have to follow the 30 minimum models rule for clanrats, or in the off chance you use slaves the 40 model rule. Most bunkers range from man units. They are almost always smaller than a normal unit. Basically, the amount of models in a bunker unit is relative to how much shooting and magic you expect them to encounter. They are wounds for your very important characters.

They do not need to be uber big because you do not want them to be in combat. However, I strongly advise clanrats over slaves, sometimes a flying unit gets through, a unit snakes past. Some unholy act of divine wrath causes your bunker to be stuck in combat, should a bunker that is slaves lose combat and break, all your expensive characters just died, clanrats give your characters that are not your battle standard bearer a chance to rally, or at least not flee off the board. Now a bell bunker is slightly different, I recommend 40 clanrats as a staple amount for a bell unit, not only are you going to lose models to the enemies shooting and magic, but miscasts on the bell kill a lot of models, bell results add a few more, and so on and so on.


Plus, this gives you the ability though rare to charge the bell into combat when absolutely necessarily. Or perhaps once the grey sear has died At least 1 “combat block” for every points A combat block is a ranked unit of infantry that is not your bunker.

While simple, this rule makes sure you don’t find yourself with only 3 fighting units in a point game. One Hammer for each points As points go up so does the need to inflict terrible damage. Therefore each level of points, ext dictates how many hammers will be needed to be efficient.

Exceeding this number may be difficult while holding true to the above rules but doing so can result in some pretty nasty lists. This is not a list of strengths vs weaknesses. These are “general statements” which convey some of the synergies that can be used with the models in an army as a whole rather than as lone components.

As ordered in the Skaven Army book: Lords and Heroes Vermin Lord points and can not be your general. Very weak, slow, and can get one shot by a cannon. In points he can be fun to play with but in anything else he is simply not worth it. He’s simply too much of a risk for too little of a reward. When you do choose to bring out the beast, use him against smaller troops and keep him moving around and finding good charges, don’t just run him into a bunch of infantry and expect him to end up living.

Warlord In my personal opinion the warlord choice will be based on whether or not you gave your grey seer a bell, because as stated before, you will want to take a grey sear. Warlords can make a good general freeing up your grey seer to blow himself up. And they can carry the Fellblade which can melt a steam tank in one turn. More than likely you will see them fulfil the role of general and geared for survival.

Warlord Mounts Warlords skven access to three mounts, a warlitter, Rat ogre bonebreaker, or a great pox rat. This is by far the best mount and in my opinion the ONLY true mount for warlords.

Rat Ogre Bonebreaker While a good option 5 S5 attacks is nothing to editiom at, not to mention an extra woundthe ogre runs some great risks, and he exposes your warlord to cannonballs and also normal shooting to some degree.

Great pox rat You lose lookout sir, don’t gain much in way of attacks or movement if your going to risk it without line of sight than go big and take a bone breaker. Grey Seer Fill the critical level 4 wizard option. They also, unlike any other races wizards, have the ability to pick which lore to role from right before the start of each game.

Buying taking a grey seer you give yourself access to both the lore of plague and destruction which can be huge when you end up fighting ogres instead of high elves. They also have access to one of the best spells in the entire game dreaded thirteenth aka the curse of the horned rat Gear on Grey Seers should be highly for magic defense or the grey seer’s survival.

However a bell becomes a great target for cannon shots, flying monsters and characters, and other nasties to target. Basically running a bell will more than likely dramatically change your list and as such there is a section later about this. As a note, one of the ways to protect your sear from a possible charge is to turn the bell and it’s unit sideways.

This means you will be hit on the flank Assassin Highly over-costed for what they do most of the time. While they can efficiently kill enemy wizards and some hero level characters normally that character is far cheaper than the assassin geared to kill him.

In short, there are cheaper and more efficient ways to kill things than assassins. HOWEVER, do to some of the tricks you can pull with a screaming bell utilizing the maximize rule as well as the fact that the bell can have an odd number of models on one side which allow assassins to pick and choose what they want to fight as opposed to just praying for some good luck, it’s still expensive but it’s more effective than chieftain spam. Warlock-Enginner Warlocks are amazing; you will see them in every army doing something or another.


Typical examples of good warlock use include level 1 wizard with a condenser or dispel scroll. A warlock toy bringer a naked warlock with a doomrocket, brass orb or death globe or as lone 15 point redirection units possibly even more effective than the highly prized rat darts there is no need to give defensive gear to warlocks.

They are cheap to begin with and you want to keep them that way. Warlocks can also be used to as cheap babysitters for slaves, granting the slaves leadership 8 if outside of the bubble.

However this will only last outside of combat as an intelligent opponent will focus attacks on the warlock first. The doomrocket item is a must take in the competitive scene. Chieftain Each army will include at least one; your battle standard bearer.

Battle standard bearers can either be giving a magic banner in which case they should be bunkered behind the lines for protection, or some defensive gear in which they should still be behind in a bunker unit Taking chieftains that are not battle standards is not recommended except in lower points values where they can replace a warlord as a general.

Plague Priest Plague priests are our one true fighty character outside of the warlord. With high stats and a wizard to boot, he can dish it out to the other races heroes and in some cases lords. He should be equipped with a flail at the very least for offense and any manor of unit buffing trinkets.

Plague Furnace The furnace is similar to the bell in a few ways, it makes the unit pushing it unbreakable, gives it magic resistance 2, gives the plague priest riding it a larger casting base and a line of sight.

And if for some unskaveny reason you took a plague priest as your general it would give him an 18″ inspiring presence But most importantly it hits like a brick and then some. It competes with storm vermin and hellpits for best Skaven hammer unit. It does however suffer greatly from the lack of a ward save against the nasty cannon balls that come its way and generally relies on smashing through units in a single turn.

However a furnace supported unit can still be a very durable unit and like the bell can be turned sideways against a stronger and more powerful foe.

Clanrats The bread and butter unit, all Skaven lists should have at least a single clanrat unit as a bunker if nothing else. They fight better than slaves, the have more armour than slaves, they can rally unlike slaves, they don’t need a general watching them all the time, and they can bring a weapon team to the field. They also bring banners for the banner mission. Basically they are an investment in points that is frail and prone to miss or misfire but bring in considerable ranged firepower mostly in the form of templates.

Regardless some of them can be used competitively but know that warp cannons are always a preferred option. The weapon teams are ranked from most to least competitive. Poison wind mortar Able to hide behind unit for safety. In addition the only weapon team that can move and fire.

By far the best weapons team for all occasions but if skave can afford a Warp lightning cannon then you should spend the points and get those instead. Warp flame thrower Forced to the front do to its limited range even with the most recent faqhighly vulnerable to shooting and misfire but often the damage it inflicts is worth the cost, can also stand and shoot. Easily one of the most devastating template weapons in the game, especially against ogres.

Ratling gun A high probability to misfire and a low hit and wound count limit its use-fullness to picking off skirmishers, lone characters, and war machine hunters.